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It's about time that I start using a good wrinkle preventative, and I sure found one! 

Michelle (Pennsylvania)
I have been using Edye's Face and Body Butter for a few years, and started using the Lemon Cleansing Oil last May. But I am in my 40s now, and of course those pesky wrinkles are starting to pop up. I got the Deep Nourishing Serum and have been using it for around two weeks now. I was getting the "laugh lines", and they were getting deeper quickly. After just this short time, they have almost disappeared. I think with a few more weeks, I will see them all but disappear. It's about time that I start using a good wrinkle preventative, and I sure found one! I would highly recommend all of these wonderful products, but specifically the Deep Nourishing Serum for those who are in their 40s or anyone who is starting to get wrinkles. It will make a difference!

Kim for NJ
Greetings, Edye!  I have been using your fabulous Body Butter since it arrived a few weeks ago.  I love your product!  Given that our skin is the largest organ of the body, I want to apply organic ingredients to it as they end up absorbed inside of us. The less toxins and chemicals in our overtaxed body systems, the better - so I love that your product is all organic.  Also, collagen and elastin wear out as we age giving us wrinkled, dry skin.  Your body butter has replenished and nourished my skin making it look and feel so much better (and younger). Thanks for your work in creating this terrific Body Butter.  Bravo, Edye!

This Serum is amazing! I now use the Edye's Naturals Serum to the exclusion of the other facial serums I was using, including Origins and Dr. Brandt (when I could afford him!). I saw a difference in the texture and firmness of my skin as well as the appearance of the fine lines under and around my eyes within just a few days. Even as a daily devotee of Edye's Naturals Body Butter and the Himalayan Salt Scrub, which I've been using as a facial scrub for sometime now, I was amazed at the dramatic results of the Edye's Naturals Serum on my face. I extended the use of the serum to my neck and again saw almost immediate results. I no longer need to cover my neck to hide the "crinkles" ! I use the Serum every day now as an adjunct to the Body Butter and the Salt Scrub in my daily routine. I couldn't be more pleased both with the consistency of the absorbs quickly without needing to rub it into my well as being pleased with the price point of the product. In a market flooded with so many facial products, the Edye's Naturals Serum comes in at a competitive price point which makes it affordable while using all organic and all "Natural" elements on my skin. What could be better?! Good-by Dr Brandt! Hello, Edye's Naturals! Thank you!