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Edye Dumhart found herself frustrated with the quality of skin products available in both traditional and health food stores. A mother, wife and seasoned sailor from Long Beach Island, New Jersey, she noticed that her sensitive skin had developed rosacea, sunspots, and wrinkles from hours of sun exposure and was in immediate need of a soothing cream. 

Edye began experimenting with different mixtures for producing a nourishing skin cream and during the next several years—by trial, error, and a wealth of research in searching for the best organic skin care ingredients—she developed an incredibly restorative product: Edye’s Body & Face Butter had been born!

Proud of her healing formula, Edye distributed her body butter to friends who, like herself, had sun-damaged skin and were in need of a healing, soothing product. They instantly fell in love with her creation. 
In response to demand, Edye ventured out to begin marketing her body butter at seasonal local markets and mercantile shows. She was received enthusiastically by both women and men! Since then, Edye’s Body & Face Butter has advanced from being a fun hobby to a full-time business, called Edye’s Naturals.