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I love your products, no chemicals whatsoever...only organic ingredients...I was a skeptic until I tried your serum. Now I'm a follower.

Margaret                                                                                                                                    I threw out some fancy-name moisturizer, which seemed to make my face break out. Today, I tried your serum and those little red spots seem almost gone. Whoopee!


Samantha from New Jersey

I have been suffering from eczema since I was a little girl. I have tried every diet, cream and lotion in the book to try and maintain a normal appearance. It is horrifying to think of all of the chemicals I have exposed my skin to, and also how much money I have spent on those ineffective and unnatural products. I started using Edye's body butter the summer of 2013 and my skin has never been the same. I used to tan unevenly and have dry rough skin and now my skin maintains a healthy even glow all year round. I never have to worry about having a negative reaction due to chemicals or perfumes. Edye's body butter is a permanent part of my daily routine and I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

I really like using it since it's all natural and works great for my rosacea and my daughters eczema  I've recommended your product to so many people and I'd love it if we could buy it locally

Megan from New Jersey
I was fortunate enough to purchase a jar of your body butter for my daughter Madison. She is 14 years old and has suffered from eczema since she was 3 months old. Unfortunately, she also suffers from McCune Albright's Syndrome which has caused her to break her femur twice, had a titanium rod and screws implanted and 4 years of injections for precocious puberty. This has been a nightmare for my brave daughter.
Along with this, she has suffered from severe eczema where she requests to wear gloves at night so she does not scratch herself to bleeding sores. We have tried a multitude of prescription medications and more than 50 moisturizer creams as all doctors claimed this was an easy solution. Each one burned her to where she would scream out in pain.
Finding your product has been a miracle for my daughter. It has eased her suffering and we have seen a marked improvement in her overall comfort. Your product has been a light in a very dark room for my daughter and I hope to ease her suffering by at least helping her constant itching morning noon and night.
Jp Melf
I've been trying for years to get rid of eczema in the winter. In the summer it goes away, I have even tried prescription cream and nothing. Your product I used for a week and it was almost gone.

I have mild eczema on my face but it flares up and gets dry and red randomly. I also get acne occasionally and have scaring from teenage years. I’ve used so many different products over the years and none of them have ever worked for me. But Edye’s products are the real deal! I sampled the peppermint skin repair on my face and the redness went down in minutes! I’ve been using that and the lemon cleansing oil almost every day now. In the past month I’ve noticed the texture of my skin is so much softer. I noticed my pores shrank around my forehead and nose. And the redness on my cheeks hasn’t flared up nearly as bad! These products are incredible! And so concentrated! For the price, you get enough product for a year! And the owner was a sweetheart and puts so much love into what she does! All natural, wonderful smelling product that works better than any luxury brands I’ve tried.

I tried out your product for eczema for my one year old daughter and I like how it makes her skin feel.

​ I have suffered from eczema all my life (I'm in my late 40s now) with patches forming on my face, neck and inner elbows. Ticks me off in the summer because just when I get a nice tan, the patches come along and I'm left with red and white blotches all over my arms. I was just starting to see the edges of these patches forming when I tried the body butter. I loved the way it felt so I bought a jar to use. Low and behold the patches never took hold. I wish I could show you before and after pictures because the results are amazing. I have since used the butter on my face and neck and it has made a dramatic difference in my skin's texture. I posted a new profile picture on FB and was actually accused of photoshopping it because my skin tone was so even and smooth! That's okay. I'm getting the last laugh (and placing an order for a second jar of this magical mixture!). Trying the serum too this time. Thanks for an outstanding product!

I have been using your face and body butter for my 1 year old daughter who has suffered from eczema since she was 2 months old. We have tried everything but nothing worked until my husband's aunt got us this cream last August. Since then we never have to put hydrocortisone on her anymore. We have since used the butter all over her body twice a day.

My name is Dee and I am 57 years young. Back in March I developed a skin rash the likes of which I have never seen. I researched to find a remedy, and discovered that the rash was eczema. I have rarely ever even had a pimple in my life, so this was something so foreign to me. I was at an outdoor arts and crafts fair as a vendor selling my product. My husband had been walking around browsing the other vendors and he spent a little time talking with Edye. He asked me if I would be interested in trying her product, Edyes Face and Body Butter. I skeptically agreed. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! In just a week there was a remarkable improvement, and in 2 weeks the rash was totally gone, and I haven't seen it since.Thank you Edye!!! May you have remarkable success with your wonderful product!!! God bless you.
Fan for life,
Dee Noel

We happened to be at a festival when we noticed Edye's stand. But what she noticed immediately was my 8 year olds horrible chapped and bleeding hands. She has been suffering horribly from eczema for 3 years. We have tried LITERALLY every product and treatment under the sun! Pricey creams, home remedies, we tried cutting out white sugar and white flour. Nothing worked! Edye put some cream on her hand and told us to walk around then Come back if we noticed any difference. Her hands were cracked where her fingers bend, bleeding and scabbed (and itchy all the time.) Her hands that day had scabs and were hot pink skin. 2 hours later the scabs had fallen off and her chop meat colored hands were normal. We went back and bought the body butter. We've been using It faithfully twice a day and her hands are almost completely healed. I cannot say enough great things. We have recommended it to several other parents. One of which has a son who plays hockey and where his mask is on his forehead he breaks out badly. He "borrowed" some of ours and his head is healed. Now he won't go on the ice without it!!! ​
Thank you THANK YOU Edye for saving my little girls hands!

I bought the bigger sized jar of face and body butter at a community fest several years ago and I'm still working on it. A little definitely goes a long way. I originally bought it for the eczema on my hands, which it does wonders for. But then after getting some raw spots from blisters on my hands, I discovered that this product also has healing powers! I put it on my hands at night and the next morning my little wounds were nearly healed. I also use it on sunburn. Awesome product. Will definitely buy more when I run out, whenever that will be!

Your products are wonderful! My face is clean, smooth and my redness is gone! My son, 13, has eczema and loves the oil! Thank you for the quick delivery mail order!


I purchased the face and body butter for my grandfather who is suffering from psoriatic arthritis and his hands, wrists, elbows, knees etc are clearing up so much better than all the medicated creams he was using before!! I've used the face and body butter for years so obviously I know the benefits but to see the change in his skin from the butter has been amazing! Thank you for creating such a beautiful product :)
I use for psoriasis also.
Joanne, NJ
wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, Peppermint Skin Repair. I told you how my husband suffered from stress related psoriasis on his foot (sometimes feet) and nothing would work. You recommended the Peppermint Repair. He started using it so sparingly both morning and night and within several weeks the dry, peeling crack skin, sometimes very pink began to heal. It also helped with the break out on the palms of his hands.
I just reordered as he still has some in the original jar and his foot is totally healed and has been that way for the last year.
Thank you so much for this wonderful product which achieved the results nothing else could.
Sheryl from New Jersey
I have been using Edye’s Body Butter for 4 years, 3 or 4 times a day on my face.   I am 71 years old and don’t have one wrinkles.  It also helps my dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. When I put it on my psoriasis, it clears it right up.  


Steven from New Jersey
I have a condition called seborrheic dermatitis it carries similar symptoms as eczema.  The skin be comes irritated and develops red patchy dry areas over the face and scalp.  It can sometimes be very embarrassing and make you anti-social.  I started experiencing this condition in high school and have had it for about six years.  I have tried literally everything on the market; Aveeno eczema lotion, alligator oils, organic soaps and countless other products.  In the six years I have been researching and trying to find a way to keep this condition under control I have found nothing, until I encountered this product.  I was at a street fair and immediately approached the stand.  Without hesitation I purchased the product, not really expecting any results because that's how its always been with everything I tried.  I started using this and the next day already noticed a difference.  I have not seen my face this clear in I don't know how long.  Its a huge boost to my morale and I'm so glad I found this product.  They have me as a life long customer.  I'm astonished as to how normal my face/skin looks and feels again.  Words can't describe how thankful for being introduced to this lotion, it has changed my life. 
Thank You!


I’ve been using your Body Butter for a few weeks. I apply it a couple times a day.
Where I work part-time, it is very smoky, with dry air. Normally, my rosacea is rather obvious.
Last night, I was surprise to see that it was not nearly as pronounced as it used to be.
It seems that your Body Butter is having a positive affect! I will keep you posted.
You have another happy customer :)


A few days ago I started getting a stye on my eyelid. I carefully applied the product and then a hot green tea bag compress for a few minutes. Then two days of your product morning and night. Just a light application on the sore spot - avoiding my eyes. The stye went away BEFORE it fully developed. I caught it at the stage of early soreness and it is disappeared or rather it never developed thanks to Edyes.

Body Butter is one of the most effective balms I’ve ever used. It is so healing and clears up any skin irritations overnight.

Nicole from Heritage Surf Shop
The customers haven't caught on yet but Edye's has quickly become a cult favorite among the employees and we are spreading the word. Blemishes, burns, dry scalp, bug bites, peeling sunburnt skin...we've tried it on everything and have been quite impressed with the results. It's quite the little miracle potion.

Today I noticed the skin on the back of my arms is looking so much better! Used to have a bunch of red dots (maybe small bumps) on the back of my arms. I was always self-conscious of it, especially in the summer. Today I noticed my skin is free of those red marks.

Jenna Richardson, Princeton Integrated Health
I have to thank you, I developed a spot on my lip recently, which concerned me. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a very expensive steroid cream. First I tried essential oils which did nothing, so I broke down and filled the prescriptions, which also did nothing. The I began slathering on your lip balm. The spot was gone within 48 hours!

I love the BODY BUTTER and wanted to tell you about another feature that this product has. My skin is very sensitive and allergic to most jewelry. I rubbed the butter on my wrist to create a barrier between my skin and a bracelet that I normally could not wear.  Body Butter prevented the allergic reaction that normally occurred.
Congratulations in creating such a wonderful product.

Sandy from Arizona
put it on my legs after shaving and it makes my shave last longer, also I pick at my cuticles and it helps heal it.

My ninety-nine-year-old mother has very sensitive skin. When she gets red spots on her hands, her caregiver puts drops of Edye's Naturals serum on them--very sparingly--and they disappear quickly, without any irritation. Last summer, I got insect bites while sitting outside on the porch . I used the serum on them and, while I don't really think they healed any faster than they would have anyway, on the other hand, they didn't itch! That, to me, was definitely accomplishment enough. I have used it since on other minor cuts and scrapes--in particular, once this winter when I slipped in the snow--and was always happy with the results.

Holly from NJ
As a musician who plays viola frequently, having strong, yet sensitive skin on my hands is imperative. I have tried just about every lotion on the market, and nothing works nearly as well as Edye’s Body Butter. It doesn’t absorb into the skin so quickly that it doesn’t do anything, nor does it leave a thick residue on the skin that makes it near impossible to play viola. I can use this product as frequently as I need to without worrying about it drying out my skin and irritating the callouses I work to maintain to play my instrument.

This is a fabulous product for my skin. It reduces the redness is my skin and my makeup looks great because my skin is moisturized. Thank you.

Thanks to your products I no longer have to use hydrocortisone on my children!! Recommending your products to everyone I know. (Two 4 oz lasted me almost a year!! Didn't believe it at first) 😊, (four children)

My son and I have been using this product since I met you. He's at camp during the week and he puts it on the dots on his arms and face when he comes home for weekends. What an improvement and quick.

I have been struggling with my skin since the birth of my second son eight years ago. I have only had your product for two days and I cannot get over the difference in my face! Please don't ever stop making this because I don't know what I will do! I placed an online order today for even more butter and a scrub. Thank you for creating these incredible products! Please keep me informed of any events you have coming up as well. I will be one of your biggest supporters. Well...believe it or not we have used the products only two days and what a difference already!


Trish, PA
I want to tell you about my granddaughter Aggie who is 3 years old and was diagnosed with Lymphoma a year ago . She has been through a difficult year of very harsh, aggressive chemo. About 8 months into treatment one of her chemo drugs started giving her a rash all over her face and neck. I gave my daughter Edye's Face and Body Butter to try on Aggie's rash. After maybe 3-4 days the rash was completely gone! Now when Aggie is going to be receiving this particular chemo drug, my daughter immediately starts using the body butter and the rash has not returned. We are so happy to have found this product which is helping make Aggie's life a little easier. This is one problem we no longer have to worry about! Thank you Edye for this wonderful product!

Love your product! Have been using it for the last two weeks and it really helps with the sun damage and makes my skin feel soft and new. Even put it on a skin rash on my daughter's arms and it went away. Thank you!


Awesome products... I received a nice sunburn today used body butter and my skin feels so relieved..... I have used many products in the past your products are far superior than others.

I just want to let you know how much I like your products. My son is a glass blower/flame worker. He appreciates the effectiveness of your Peppermint Skin Repair on his burns. In fact, when he moved to Pennington to attend the Scientific Glass & Artistic Glass programs, he was glad I sent him with how own, brand new jar. Organic, natural and effective - a difficult combination to find. And your new serum smells wonderful!

I was a vendor @ the Maritime Festival. I was so sunburned, that Edye stopped me, and KINDLY place her product on my skin. The only place that we did not place her butter on me, was the back of my neck. I woke the next morning and nothing hurt, except the back of my neck. I believe that this product is a miracle. Thank you Edye and best of luck to you. = Jellyfish Air Plants


I had the pleasure of having Edye on the radio show I cohost , "Awaken to Your Purpose" this past September. I was using her products for a year before I had her on my show. I purchased my winter stock of body butter and the serum for my brother today. He had surgery last month and gave it to him to reduce his scar. I recently used the serum for my face and neck. She said the serum is good for reducing the appearance for scars. She was right. I burned my wrist and applied it with vitamin E oil. It looks so much better. Thanks Edye!

I started using Edyes Body Butter a few years back. I became concerned with what I was using on my skin and absorbing into my body. Looked around for products that were organic, but a lot of them still had stuff in them I didn’t want to use. I like that I can say everything in your product and know what it is! I love the way it makes my skin feel and you only need a little bit!
Recently I tried the Peppermint Skin Repair and I really like it. I especially like the scent. Also the way it improves the appearance of my scars.The last thing I tried was the Deep Nourishing Serum. I read a previous review on your FB page where someone said they saw an almost immediate difference in their skin. I thought it couldn't be true. But I started using the serum on my neck and chest. Wow! My skin looks so much better!!
Thank you for making your products and keep up the good work!
Firefly Gallery

Cathy from Florida about Deep Nourishing Serum
I wanted to let you know that we used this serum on Steve's wounds after surgery. He healed without any scars. His surgeon was absolutely amazed. Your product worked miraculously. Keep up the great work.

I was so impressed with the body butter that I gave a jar to a friend who suffered a "chemo burn" from Cancer therapy. He had tried everything-prescription meds, lotions-nothing worked. This product did. It significantly decreased the scarred area, increased normality of the appearance of the skin, and increased the mobility. As an RN? I'm impressed with the outcome. Thanks for making this great, natural product. It's amazing, fully absorbs into skin, all natural, and works!
What more could you ask for in a product?

Michelle, Berkeley Heights NJ
I have to tell you I just had a few biopsies and I've been using the lotion on my scars.  Wow!  The scars are healing nicely.  Even my doctor noticed a change within a week.


 Kathy Freund

I first discovered Edye's products at the Cape May NJ August craft fair a couple of years ago. I would buy a years supply there but this year I did not go to the shore so am purchasing over the online store. My skin really appreciates Edye's products. I know it sounds unbelievable but this one product seems to do everything e.g. moisturize, heal bruises and cuts, get rid of the itchiness of bug bites, gets rid of age spots (not me, but my Mom), cools down a sunburn, you name it and it does it! A little bit goes a long way and does a lot. The lip balm helps in the cold and dreary season and easily fits into a purse. The lemon cleanser is a very Spa like product - the scent is lovely. I also really like the fact that I can pronounce all the ingredients that go into the products. So much good stuff for our skin in these products

Michelle R
I love Edyes deep nourishing serum !!!! I love that all of Edyes products are natural and so great for your skin !!! I live at the beach and summer sun along with cold windy winters too ! Edyes line of skin care keeps my skin always looking and feeling so good! I’m so thankful for all her products . If you haven’t tried them take a chance , you will not be disappointed !!!!!

Lisa Z
Can’t live with out this stuff!! I use everyday as my moisturizer.. been using for a little over a year every day... just love it. 
Veronique Tastenhoye Cardon
I discovered Edye’s line recently. Her face serum is the only one that leaves my skin smooth in the morning. And I have tried everything.

I bought the Deep Nourishing Serum and aside from loving the soft scent of lemon I saw results after only a few days. I used it before applying makeup in the morning and after washing my face before going to bed. Thank you Edye, love this product.

I use it every night as an eye cream. It does a great job hydrating my under eye area.

Colleen Morris
December 14 at 8:48am
I'm impressed with all your products! I'm also impressed that when I order online, within 10 minutes I get notified that my order has shipped! And it arrives the next day! I've been using the serum and body butter every day, fighting off the dry skin that comes with this change to cold weather. My skin feels great all day!

I love the Eczema serum. I woke up this morning and my face still moist and more clarity to the skin tone.   Keep up great work!  This is such a wonderful luxurious serum and I appreciate that it is all organic without any preservatives or chemicals added. 

Stacey Poppel Groder 
I found Edye’s at my local market last year and it's been a godsend. I use it each night around my fingertips to heal that cracked, dry, painful skin I get in winter. My mom complained of the same problem so I bought her a jar this week and she told me it’s a miracle cream because it did the same for her. Going to try it around my eyes next!

I love your product!! I always battle dry skin in the winter and I’ve always used expensive beauty brands that work temporarily but I always experience dry patches especially on my face!! Since using the face and body butter, I haven’t had any! And in the summer, it’s perfect for the sunburns and peeling skin

I have had a dry patch of skin on my elbow for several years. I tried many different creams. I used moisturizers, I cut up lemons and would soak my elbow, I even used an antifungal. It would work but there would ALWAYS be a rough spot. I bought a jar of Edye's face and body butter. I liked it because it had olive oil . and all natural ingredients. I used first on my face and decided to try it on my rough patch. Well my rough patch that was on my elbow for YEARS is completely GONE!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺ Then my husband who has terribly dry skin and hates moisturizers tried it. HE LOVES it. He doesn't like anything that leaves a residue on his hands. He said I guess you will be using this for the rest of your life. I agree and thanks to Edye I will be a customer for life. Its economical and doesn't irritate my skin. As I also have extremely sensitive skin. Buy all of her products the pepp
ermint cream for hands and feet smells great. The scrub is heavenly !!!

JoAnne from NJ
The scrub makes my face feel like butter.  I am happy to use an organic product to heal and moisturize my skin.

I am a 61 year old man. I use Face and body butter daily after showering on most of my body, and still have a good amount left 6 months later. I read all the comments about how amazing the face and body butter is on challenged skin, but I just want to comment on how good it feels going on. I love the aroma (that hint of rosemary is great!) and I can just feel and see the difference immediately on my dry skin. The Himalayan salt works to exfoliate, so it is very refreshing. Love this stuff!

Mary Ann from NJ
“Smooth and Silky!”  That is how my skin feels using Edye’s Face and Body Butter, and it lasts the entire day.

Jody from New Jersey
I can honestly say that my hands look younger from using Edye’s Body Butter!
​My mom actually really liked the product and had a dry spot on her hand that she couldn't get rid of, and 2 days after seeing you, it was gone.  Made a believer out of her so I thought i'd get it as a gift for her?

I've been using the Deep Nourishing Serum for about 2 months now. It is light, deep penetrating and easy to use. I've found that applying it with wet hands works best for me. I'm so pleased with how silky my skin has become in such a short time, and even happier that after a busy summer in the sun, my skin is healthy and glowing.

I’ve just tried your Face and Body Butter… love it!!! I use it twice a day and find it to be totally perfect for my skin. I have struggled in the past with finding the right face cream that will help me during the very dry Fall and Winter months. Other products have either been too oily or didn’t help the dryness. Your product is fabulous.

Your new serum (along with ALL of your products) is so amazing! It already cleared up a dry patch on my chin that otherwise wouldn't go away for weeks. I love how everything you use is all organic. It is rare to find skin and body products as pure as yours....and organic. Your products are staples in our house!

EDYES to the rescue once again . Ventured into hot yoga in this weather my muscles liked it but my sensitive skin did not. Everything went wrong brown spots hives dry patches . The scrub and skin repair cream were like balm for my crying skin. Had run out of the scrub as all my family with different skin types had taken my stock away . I can't think how to thank you for this wonderful product line. Am very grateful thank you.
​This is a testimonial from Amber Spa:

Faith, Massage Therapist (Pennington, NJ)
Edye's Face and Body Butter is my go to moisturizer at home and when I perform body treatments. It's nice texture produces a nice glide when used on my massage clients. It can be used on the face without any worries about breakouts due to the natural ingredients working with your skin rather than against it. Highly recommend for after sun hydration and winter dry skin. Give your skin nothing but the best and you will see the benefits for yourself! 

We use all of your products and love them. The new serum really locks in moisture and leaves my skin feeling dewy all day and night even during the season change.

 It is wonderful to have an all natural product, made locally that works and has my skin feeling fabulous.I began using Edye's Body Butter this winter to combat my dry skin. It is truly amazing! My skin remained soft and supple, no more dry cracked heels or flakey, itchy skin.

Nancy from New Jersey
I usually have dry lips in the winter that can bleed at times.  Our house is very dry, and last week I had lips that were cracking and bleeding a little.  I have been using your body butter twice a day (I keep mine at home, not at work) and my lips are all healed and doing great.  

Janet from South Carolina
Makes my skin feel like I'm 20 again!  I ran out so right now, even using other lotion, my skin feels...dry and older!

Judy from PA.
Love your product. I've been looking for a good product to replace the Neutrogena that I have used for many years as my facial moisturizer. A little goes a long way, and it doesn't make my face break out. I use coconut oil for my skin lotion. My husband is using your product for his dry cracked hands. He loves it too. Great ingredients, and LOVE the scent. Kudo's to you. I'm do not want to support companies that try to kill us with toxins so they can get rich.

Carol from Connecticut
I was given a prescription for a lotion for dry skin by my physician. Upon reading the ingredients I thought that I would need a graduate degree in chemistry to understand what I was putting on my body. A friend recommended your Body Butter and I am thrilled with the results. 
Not only am I getting great results but the scent seems to have a calming effect. I also like being able to identify what the butter is made of.

Lauren from Texas
My fiancé used to never wash or moisturize your face because everything irritates his skin. Since he has been using your face and body butter- his skin has never looked better!

​Brian from NJ
Your body butter is without a doubt the highest quality skin product I have ever used. I have seriously used it every day since I got
it! (and still have more than half remaining.) Thankfully I have no skin problems but nonetheless it is absolutely wonderful. I usually put it on my face and neck after shaving. Feels and looks terrific. At first I was concerned that it might cause acne, but experience shows no risk at all. 
I was previously so excited about how amazing plain coconut oil is as a lip balm, but your product is even better.
I am extremely fussy about products that I buy and use. Some people have described me as a "pain in the ass." But your product is the real deal, and you are a VIP as far as I'm concerned.
Thank you for the time and effort you have invested in making an exceptional product. It may be difficult to convince most people that quality is worth it, but I am not one of those people and greatly appreciate your work.

Janet from NJ
I was interested in it as a facial night cream. After using it only two weeks I got several compliments on my from someone that sees me on the run and another that lives with me... Two different types of sources. I really love the product and the fact it goes a long way. 

Eileen from New Jersey
I wanted to tell you how much I love it!! My skin feels amazing and a friend complimented me today bc of my glow.... Will be picking some more up for gifts and for myself! 

Well...believe it or not we have used the products only two days and what a difference already!
My daughter used only the Peppermint Himalayan Salt Scrub, this morning. Her face had such a beautiful, soft glow. So clean! So smooth...and no makeup! Needless to say she is very happy.
Thanks so much. We'll keep you posted.

Love the face & body butter! Just picked it up in Haddonfield & just love it!​

Done! I need to buy some more!!

Karen Elizabeth 
Love face and body butter! And nourishing serum! They are amazing

Love this product!

Absolutely love your products

Use them everyday, love them.


This is the best butter. I use it everyday for years and my adult acne is gone. It’s amazing!!!

I cannot recommend the face and body butter enough. I use it every day and it keeps my skin from being dry and breaking out. I used to have terrible skin, but this product really changed the game! You must try it!!


I shared some Body Butter with a colleague of mine who had what she called "Hyperpigmentation" due to inadvertently brushing her neck with her had after touching essential oils, then going out into the sunlight.  It really helped her reduce the redness much more quickly than it might have naturally.  

I've had 2 carcinomas - basal cell/squamous cell- on my face and neck.... I am checked by my dermatologist twice a year. I've been using edye's body butter daily (once or twice) for over a year and a half. My recent dermatologist appointment (Feb 2016) was excellent... The Dr. did not even locate a spot to "zap" or take a sample for biopsy!!! I can't prove that Edye's body butter is the reason for the "clear" exam, but I believe it contributes to it!!!... At the minimum, this product certainly keeps my skin soft and the number of "dark spots" isn't increasing!

I love your serum! I've been using it for six months on my face. Everyone tells me I look younger! My brown sun spot on my face is shrinking! Thanks!!

My daughter used only the Peppermint Exfoliating product this morning. Her face had such a beautiful, soft glow. So clean! So smooth...and no makeup! Needless to say she is very happy.  I have been looking for organic skin care for so long and finally found Edye's I am thrilled. I love the Deep nourishing serum, the cleansing oil, the Himalayan salt scrub and the peppermint skin repair. I just ordered the body butter and the Eczema serum plus the deep nourishing serum for my daughter she loves it too!!! You really see results.. 


Barbara from New Jersey
My Dr. was impressed with your product
One day I was combing my hair and decided to put a little body butter, just the bit on my hands, in my hair.  Wow! It brought out the gold highlights!!  I remember when I was a teenager in the 50s, we would put brilliantine in our hair to give it highlights.  Try it!  The next morning my hair seems to have additional body to it.
I LOVE the body butter! 

wanted to tell you that I just LOVE that organic soap. And I did try it on my hair and it was fantastic. It feels so clean and yet not stripped.
I have referred your product to so many people and these are the only products I will put on my skin.

 I put a little on my hands, very. very thin layer, and pull my hand thru

my hair;  it highlights the "gold" lights and the next day, my hair seems to have additional

Terry from NJ
I was reluctant to purchase because I know myself and have a lot of unused lotions and creams at home. But the more you talked about the benefits and in reading the list of ingredients I felt I had to give it a try.
 I usually don't like butters because of the greasy feel so it is just something new to get used to. I noticed a big difference in the skin on my hands after two applications and it did a better job of finishing my hair than expensive hair products. I think I am becoming a believer.
Thanks for a great product.


Michelle (Pennsylvania)

I have been using Edye's Face and Body Butter for a few years, and started using the Lemon Cleansing Oil last May. But I am in my 40s now, and of course those pesky wrinkles are starting to pop up. I got the Deep Nourishing Serum and have been using it for around two weeks now. I was getting the "laugh lines", and they were getting deeper quickly. After just this short time, they have almost disappeared. I think with a few more weeks, I will see them all but disappear. It's about time that I start using a good wrinkle preventative, and I sure found one! I would highly recommend all of these wonderful products, but specifically the Deep Nourishing Serum for those who are in their 40s or anyone who is starting to get wrinkles. It will make a difference!


Kim for NJ
Greetings, Edye!  I have been using your fabulous Body Butter since it arrived a few weeks ago.  I love your product!  Given that our skin is the largest organ of the body, I want to apply organic ingredients to it as they end up absorbed inside of us. The less toxins and chemicals in our overtaxed body systems, the better - so I love that your product is all organic.  Also, collagen and elastin wear out as we age giving us wrinkled, dry skin.  Your body butter has replenished and nourished my skin making it look and feel so much better (and younger). Thanks for your work in creating this terrific Body Butter.  Bravo, Edye!

This Serum is amazing! I now use the Edye's Naturals Serum to the exclusion of the other facial serums I was using, including Origins and Dr. Brandt (when I could afford him!). I saw a difference in the texture and firmness of my skin as well as the appearance of the fine lines under and around my eyes within just a few days. Even as a daily devotee of Edye's Naturals Body Butter and the Himalayan Salt Scrub, which I've been using as a facial scrub for sometime now, I was amazed at the dramatic results of the Edye's Naturals Serum on my face. I extended the use of the serum to my neck and again saw almost immediate results. I no longer need to cover my neck to hide the "crinkles" ! I use the Serum every day now as an adjunct to the Body Butter and the Salt Scrub in my daily routine. I couldn't be more pleased both with the consistency of the absorbs quickly without needing to rub it into my well as being pleased with the price point of the product. In a market flooded with so many facial products, the Edye's Naturals Serum comes in at a competitive price point which makes it affordable while using all organic and all "Natural" elements on my skin. What could be better?! Good-by Dr Brandt! Hello, Edye's Naturals! Thank you!


Marsha from Ewing Township Arts Commission
I just tried your new deep nourishing serum product and it is an instant winner! I had spent 3 to 4x more on serums that did not make my skin feel and look this great.

I'm 64 years old and had old skin. I have tried all the major cosmetic brands in the past. I have never seen a difference in my skin until now. This is hands down the best product I have ever used. I just took a trip to Florida to meet up with some old friends. They actually asked me if I had face work because my skin looks so much better than previous visits. I think Edye will definitely get orders from Florida. They're response was a true test of this amazing product. I purchased 2 small jars for my adult daughters to start using and the large one again for myself. Thank you Edye for finally making a product that truly does what it says.

Gayle from the Jersey Shore ​
I bought some of your repair cream and body butter. I am super impressed with the results after only 2 1/2 weeks..needless to say I will not be buying Clinique anymore.

Cynthia from NJ
It's the only product I will use on my face. I love it. 


 I have been looking for organic skin care for so long and finally found Edye's I am thrilled. I love the Deep nourishing serum, the cleansing oil, the Himalayan salt scrub and the peppermint skin repair. I just ordered the body butter and the Eczema serum plus the deep nourishing serum for my daughter she loves it too!!! You really see results..

Linda from LBI
I just came back from a trip to San Diego to visit my son and we did a lot of walking one day and I had an awful blister on my foot.
When I got home I put the serum and body butter on my heel every night where the blister was and in 3 days it was gone. Also from using it on my feet all of my calluses are gone!
My sister was with me and saw the sore blister. When I told her how quickly it healed from using your products, she now wants to get it for her daughter!

I’ve been using it on my face every day for the last year but now I might be expanding the coverage!

Nicole, PA
I have been struggling with my skin since the birth of my second son eight years ago. I have only had your product for two days and I cannot get over the difference in my face! Please don't ever stop making this because I don't know what I will do! I placed an online order today for even more butter and a scrub. Thank you for creating these incredible products! Please keep me informed of any events you have coming up as well. I will be one of your biggest supporters.

Thank you. Love your products. 

Using the body butter on my dog with cancer right now. He Has tumor in nasal cavity and makes his nose run a lot, therefore constantly licking it and drying it out. Love the all natural ingredients since have to rub on his dry nose as a moisturizer and not have to worry about him licking  chemicals once applied. Works great for both of us!