• Beautiful skin through pure simple organic ingredients
Beautiful skin through pure simple organic ingredients


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In 2009, Edye Dumhart found herself frustrated with the quality of skin products available in both traditional and health food stores. A mother of two and seasoned sailor from Pennington and Long Beach Island, New Jersey, she noticed that her sensitive skin had developed rosacea, sunspots, and wrinkles from hours of sun exposure and was in immediate need of a soothing cream.

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Edye's Naturals has many uses

Why so many uses? We choose organic plant oils that have the most nutrients and micronutrients to bath your skin in nutrients.

Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis

Evens Skin Tone

​Absorbs Quickly, leaving no  greasy residue

​Stretch mark prevention

Crepey skin prevention

Pet's skin irritations

​Diaper rash

​​Bug repellent

​Nasal Moisturizer

Skin cracks

​Peeling after tanning

Barrier before sunscreen


Daily Skin Moisturizer

Dry Skin

Dry Scalp

Helps Restore Elasticity to  skin

Skin Rash

Blemishes and Scarring



Minor Burns

Shaving Cream to reduce

Razor Irritation



Gluten free


Gina A. Di Iorio, Clinical
Gina A. Di Iorio, Clinical
Nutritionist and founder of Holistic Nutritious Solutions, LLC

I believe at my age 51 years old, many women of a certain, age 50 and older, should be celebrated. The value you provide backed up with superior quality of products is an important investment.

Kathy Boyle,  Florida
Kathy Boyle, Florida

Three weeks post op. Using Edye’s Face and Body Butter on scar!  Margins are clear now to meet the oncologist on the 26th.

Samantha from New Jersey
Samantha from New Jersey

I have been suffering from eczema since I was a little girl. I have tried every diet, cream and lotion in the book to try and maintain a normal appearance.

Nicole, PA
Nicole, PA

I am 47 years old, but I can pass for someone in my 30s, thank you to your deep nourishing serum...NO JOKE!
I have fabulous skin and people are constantly telling me that now. I became a mom late...