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Edye’s clean, organic,
plant-based skincare. Put good nutrients on your skin, too.

Edye's Quest

Edye, a New Jersey wife, mother, and sailor, realized that sun and sea spray were ruining her sensitive skin. Years sailing on the bay had brought her joy, but also dark spots, fine lines, and red blemishes. The commercial skin care products she tried were not moisturizing her dry skin sufficiently.  She needed a better moisturizer, a more soothing moisturizer. So, in 2010,  Edye set out to create one of the best skin care products on her own.

Edye’s first big decision was plants over chemicals. “I felt healthier when I wasn’t using any chemicals,” she says. “What goes on your skin, gets in your body.” Edye’s commitment to natural ingredients is fierce. She talks about how she loves avocado oil’s effect on skin tones. Plants not only bring vitamins, but also SPF to a lotion. However, Edye recommends using sunscreen with her skin care products.

After many experiments, Edye finalized her moisturizing Face and Body Butter. She chose anti-inflammatory shea butter with its vitamin A and vitamin E as the base. She added botanicals and then upped her goals by committing to organic ingredients. After seeing how well it worked on her own skin, she began sharing with friends. And Edye's Naturals was born.

For ten years, Edye's Face and Body Butter has hydrated all skin types and remains her best seller. It’s a daytime face moisturizer, then a night cream fighting dry skin and fine lines. It's so gentle it can be used as an eye cream. Leave a thicker concentration on your face for 10 minutes, and it's a face mask.

Today, Edye offers more to answer your skin's insatiable demands for hydrating and moisturizing.

Edye’s second best seller works in conjunction with her moisturizer. It’s a serum that penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to deliver a vitamin combo, including vitamin E and vitamin C, and antioxidant rich oils. This hydrating face oil’s organic formula took Edye four years to perfect. It diminishes fine lines, reduces dark spots, evens skin tone, and improves firmness, texture, and radiance. Try it and see how this  serum hydrates and has a brightening effect on your skin cells.

The success of her moisturizers led Edye to develop a cleanser that hydrates. And then, a complete skin care line. Edye’s products are not certified organic, however, she uses organic skin care ingredients. All Edye's products are made in small batches and half (those without beeswax) are vegan. All are animal cruelty-free. All Edye’s products from lip balm to face moisturizers are made of natural ingredients.

No chemicals. All Edye’s lotions, moisturizers, and cleansers are chemical-free. Only her soap contains a chemical, lye, which has been used in soap since colonial women were making their own soaps. Some other companies use hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and the like. You skin feels better with Edye’s Naturals. It looks good, too.

You can see that Edye’s goal is to create healthy skin. That means better looking skin.

Product highlights: You get a choice of two lip balms, one with peppermint, one without. Your preference. Try Edye’s Peppermint Skin Repair to calm itchy skin caused by rashes and psoriasis. Use the Lemon Cleansing Oil to fight allergic breakouts and blemishes. Use Edye's Himalayan Salt Scrub to remove dead skin cells. It's a natural exfoliator. Men use Edye’s skin care products, especially the Organic Beard Oil. All ingredients in all her products were researched and selected by Edye to meet her best skin-care-products standards. 

Here's your daily skin care routine with Edye's Naturals. Wake up your skin to moisture with a cleansing balm, Edye’s lemon cleansing oil. It’s a face wash like no other. Since lemon is a mild exfoliator, it sloughs off dead skin cells and there's no need for an additional toner.  After showering, apply our serum on your face for skin plumping and brightening. Prepare for the day with our face and body butter. If you’d like, add a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or SPF 50. But know that our natural ingredients provide an SPF organically.

At day’s end, our face wash is an excellent makeup remover and cleansing balm. Then, use some serum as your hard-working night cream and relax tired legs with the Face and Body Butter. That’s it. That’s your skincare routine.

Please look around this site to see which Edye's Natural skin care products match your skin care cleansing and hydrating needs. If  you have questions, call or email.

After you’ve tried Edye's for yourself, send a gift card to someone you care about.

And, of course, we don’t use artificial preservatives or fragrances. That thought never entered Edye’s mind.

As you place your order, look at our ingredient list. Those plant-based oils belong in your healthy skin care routine.

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