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I had the pleasure of having Edye on the radio show I cohost , "Awaken to Your Purpose" this past September. 

I was using her products for a year before I had her on my show. I purchased my winter stock of body butter and the serum for my brother today. He had surgery last month and gave it to him to reduce his scar. I recently used the serum for my face and neck. She said the serum is good for reducing the appearance for scars. She was right. I burned my wrist and applied it with vitamin E oil. It looks so much better. Thanks Edye!

I started using Edyes Body Butter a few years back. I became concerned with what I was using on my skin and absorbing into my body. Looked around for products that were organic, but a lot of them still had stuff in them I didn’t want to use. I like that I can say everything in your product and know what it is! I love the way it makes my skin feel and you only need a little bit!
Recently I tried the Peppermint Skin Repair and I really like it. I especially like the scent. Also the way it improves the appearance of my scars.The last thing I tried was the Deep Nourishing Serum. I read a previous review on your FB page where someone said they saw an almost immediate difference in their skin. I thought it couldn't be true. But I started using the serum on my neck and chest. Wow! My skin looks so much better!!
Thank you for making your products and keep up the good work!
Firefly Gallery

Cathy from Florida about Deep Nourishing Serum
I wanted to let you know that we used this serum on Steve's wounds after surgery. He healed without any scars. His surgeon was absolutely amazed. Your product worked miraculously. Keep up the great work.

I was so impressed with the body butter that I gave a jar to a friend who suffered a "chemo burn" from Cancer therapy. He had tried everything-prescription meds, lotions-nothing worked. This product did. It significantly decreased the scarred area, increased normality of the appearance of the skin, and increased the mobility. As an RN? I'm impressed with the outcome. Thanks for making this great, natural product. It's amazing, fully absorbs into skin, all natural, and works!
What more could you ask for in a product?

Michelle, Berkeley Heights NJ
I have to tell you I just had a few biopsies and I've been using the lotion on my scars.  Wow!  The scars are healing nicely.  Even my doctor noticed a change within a week.