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I rubbed the butter on my wrist to create a barrier between my skin and a bracelet that I normally could not wear. 

A few days ago I started getting a stye on my eyelid. I carefully applied the product and then a hot green tea bag compress for a few minutes. Then two days of your product morning and night. Just a light application on the sore spot - avoiding my eyes. The stye went away BEFORE it fully developed. I caught it at the stage of early soreness and it is disappeared or rather it never developed thanks to Edyes.

Body Butter is one of the most effective balms I’ve ever used. It is so healing and clears up any skin irritations overnight.

​Nicole from Heritage Surf Shop
The customers haven't caught on yet but Edye's has quickly become a cult favorite among the employees and we are spreading the word. Blemishes, burns, dry scalp, bug bites, peeling sunburnt skin...we've tried it on everything and have been quite impressed with the results. It's quite the little miracle potion.

Today I noticed the skin on the back of my arms is looking so much better! Used to have a bunch of red dots (maybe small bumps) on the back of my arms. I was always self-conscious of it, especially in the summer. Today I noticed my skin is free of those red marks.

Jenna Richardson, Princeton Integrated Health
I have to thank you, I developed a spot on my lip recently, which concerned me. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed a very expensive steroid cream. First I tried essential oils which did nothing, so I broke down and filled the prescriptions, which also did nothing. The I began slathering on your lip balm. The spot was gone within 48 hours!

I love the BODY BUTTER and wanted to tell you about another feature that this product has. My skin is very sensitive and allergic to most jewelry. I rubbed the butter on my wrist to create a barrier between my skin and a bracelet that I normally could not wear.  Body Butter prevented the allergic reaction that normally occurred.
Congratulations in creating such a wonderful product.

Sandy from Arizona
put it on my legs after shaving and it makes my shave last longer, also I pick at my cuticles and it helps heal it.

My ninety-nine-year-old mother has very sensitive skin. When she gets red spots on her hands, her caregiver puts drops of Edye's Naturals serum on them--very sparingly--and they disappear quickly, without any irritation. Last summer, I got insect bites while sitting outside on the porch . I used the serum on them and, while I don't really think they healed any faster than they would have anyway, on the other hand, they didn't itch! That, to me, was definitely accomplishment enough. I have used it since on other minor cuts and scrapes--in particular, once this winter when I slipped in the snow--and was always happy with the results.

Holly from NJ
As a musician who plays viola frequently, having strong, yet sensitive skin on my hands is imperative. I have tried just about every lotion on the market, and nothing works nearly as well as Edye’s Body Butter. It doesn’t absorb into the skin so quickly that it doesn’t do anything, nor does it leave a thick residue on the skin that makes it near impossible to play viola. I can use this product as frequently as I need to without worrying about it drying out my skin and irritating the callouses I work to maintain to play my instrument.

This is a fabulous product for my skin. It reduces the redness is my skin and my makeup looks great because my skin is moisturized. Thank you.

Thanks to your products I no longer have to use hydrocortisone on my children!! Recommending your products to everyone I know. (Two 4 oz lasted me almost a year!! Didn't believe it at first) 😊, (four children)

My son and I have been using this product since I met you. He's at camp during the week and he puts it on the dots on his arms and face when he comes home for weekends. What an improvement and quick.

I have been struggling with my skin since the birth of my second son eight years ago. I have only had your product for two days and I cannot get over the difference in my face! Please don't ever stop making this because I don't know what I will do! I placed an online order today for even more butter and a scrub. Thank you for creating these incredible products! Please keep me informed of any events you have coming up as well. I will be one of your biggest supporters. Well...believe it or not we have used the products only two days and what a difference already!