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… my daughter Madison… is 14 years old and has suffered from eczema since she was 3 months old. 

Samantha from New Jersey
I have been suffering from eczema since I was a little girl. I have tried every diet, cream and lotion in the book to try and maintain a normal appearance. It is horrifying to think of all of the chemicals I have exposed my skin to, and also how much money I have spent on those ineffective and unnatural products. I started using Edye's body butter the summer of 2013 and my skin has never been the same. I used to tan unevenly and have dry rough skin and now my skin maintains a healthy even glow all year round. I never have to worry about having a negative reaction due to chemicals or perfumes. Edye's body butter is a permanent part of my daily routine and I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

I really like using it since it's all natural and works great for my rosacea and my daughters eczema  I've recommended your product to so many people and I'd love it if we could buy it locally

Megan from New Jersey
I was fortunate enough to purchase a jar of your body butter for my daughter Madison. She is 14 years old and has suffered from eczema since she was 3 months old. Unfortunately, she also suffers from McCune Albright's Syndrome which has caused her to break her femur twice, had a titanium rod and screws implanted and 4 years of injections for precocious puberty. This has been a nightmare for my brave daughter.

Along with this, she has suffered from severe eczema where she requests to wear gloves at night so she does not scratch herself to bleeding sores. We have tried a multitude of prescription medications and more than 50 moisturizer creams as all doctors claimed this was an easy solution. Each one burned her to where she would scream out in pain.

Finding your product has been a miracle for my daughter. It has eased her suffering and we have seen a marked improvement in her overall comfort. Your product has been a light in a very dark room for my daughter and I hope to ease her suffering by at least helping her constant itching morning noon and night.

Jp Melf
I've been trying for years to get rid of eczema in the winter. In the summer it goes away, I have even tried prescription cream and nothing. Your product I used for a week and it was almost gone.

I have mild eczema on my face but it flares up and gets dry and red randomly. I also get acne occasionally and have scaring from teenage years. I’ve used so many different products over the years and none of them have ever worked for me. But Edye’s products are the real deal! I sampled the peppermint skin repair on my face and the redness went down in minutes! I’ve been using that and the lemon cleansing oil almost every day now. In the past month I’ve noticed the texture of my skin is so much softer. I noticed my pores shrank around my forehead and nose. And the redness on my cheeks hasn’t flared up nearly as bad! These products are incredible! And so concentrated! For the price, you get enough product for a year! And the owner was a sweetheart and puts so much love into what she does! All natural, wonderful smelling product that works better than any luxury brands I’ve tried.

I tried out your product for eczema for my one year old daughter and I like how it makes her skin feel.

​ I have suffered from eczema all my life (I'm in my late 40s now) with patches forming on my face, neck and inner elbows. Ticks me off in the summer because just when I get a nice tan, the patches come along and I'm left with red and white blotches all over my arms. I was just starting to see the edges of these patches forming when I tried the body butter. I loved the way it felt so I bought a jar to use. Low and behold the patches never took hold. I wish I could show you before and after pictures because the results are amazing. I have since used the butter on my face and neck and it has made a dramatic difference in my skin's texture. I posted a new profile picture on FB and was actually accused of photoshopping it because my skin tone was so even and smooth! That's okay. I'm getting the last laugh (and placing an order for a second jar of this magical mixture!). Trying the serum too this time. Thanks for an outstanding product!

I have been using your face and body butter for my 1 year old daughter who has suffered from eczema since she was 2 months old. We have tried everything but nothing worked until my husband's aunt got us this cream last August. Since then we never have to put hydrocortisone on her anymore. We have since used the butter all over her body twice a day.

My name is Dee and I am 57 years young. Back in March I developed a skin rash the likes of which I have never seen. I researched to find a remedy, and discovered that the rash was eczema. I have rarely ever even had a pimple in my life, so this was something so foreign to me. I was at an outdoor arts and crafts fair as a vendor selling my product. My husband had been walking around browsing the other vendors and he spent a little time talking with Edye. He asked me if I would be interested in trying her product, Edyes Face and Body Butter. I skeptically agreed. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! In just a week there was a remarkable improvement, and in 2 weeks the rash was totally gone, and I haven't seen it since.Thank you Edye!!! May you have remarkable success with your wonderful product!!! God bless you.
Fan for life,
Dee Noel

We happened to be at a festival when we noticed Edye's stand. But what she noticed immediately was my 8 year olds horrible chapped and bleeding hands. She has been suffering horribly from eczema for 3 years. We have tried LITERALLY every product and treatment under the sun! Pricey creams, home remedies, we tried cutting out white sugar and white flour. Nothing worked! Edye put some cream on her hand and told us to walk around then Come back if we noticed any difference. Her hands were cracked where her fingers bend, bleeding and scabbed (and itchy all the time.) Her hands that day had scabs and were hot pink skin. 2 hours later the scabs had fallen off and her chop meat colored hands were normal. We went back and bought the body butter. We've been using It faithfully twice a day and her hands are almost completely healed. I cannot say enough great things. We have recommended it to several other parents. One of which has a son who plays hockey and where his mask is on his forehead he breaks out badly. He "borrowed" some of ours and his head is healed. Now he won't go on the ice without it!!! ​
Thank you THANK YOU Edye for saving my little girls hands!

I bought the bigger sized jar of face and body butter at a community fest several years ago and I'm still working on it. A little definitely goes a long way. I originally bought it for the eczema on my hands, which it does wonders for. But then after getting some raw spots from blisters on my hands, I discovered that this product also has healing powers! I put it on my hands at night and the next morning my little wounds were nearly healed. I also use it on sunburn. Awesome product. Will definitely buy more when I run out, whenever that will be!

Your products are wonderful! My face is clean, smooth and my redness is gone! My son, 13, has eczema and loves the oil! Thank you for the quick delivery mail order!