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Edye's Face & Body Butter Ingredients

Edye’s Face & Body Butter is made with only what nature provides. It heals, improves the texture of, and protects your skin. It feels different from typical skin creams because it is not water based but has only active ingredients. Most skin creams have water as the first ingredient, and second is mineral oil, which is inexpensive oil made from petroleum. You will find neither of those in Edye’s Face & Body Butter. Those who read labels will love Edye’s Face & Body Butter because only the best ingredients for skin are in there. If you can’t eat the ingredients in skin care cream, you should not use that product on your skin because anything you put on your skin gets absorbed and goes directly into your bloodstream.

Many users of Edye’s Face & Body Butter have skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. Customers say Edye’s Face & Body Butter works better than anything they have ever tried. Others put it on their babies because of the healthy ingredients. They don’t want to use baby oil because baby oil is merely mineral oil with artificial scent added. Still others use Edye’s Face & Body Butter on pets’ skin irritations because they know their pets may lick most of it off. Enjoy for yourself this healing skin cream.
Edye's Body Butter is commonly used for:
​​· Daily skin moisturizer (face and body)
· Dry skin 
· Dry scalp
· Skin rash, including diaper rash
· Sunburn
· Skin peeling, after tanning
· Sun and wind protection
· Wrinkles
· Itching skin caused by dryness
· Shaving, to reduce razor irritation
· Small skin wounds
· Skin cracks
· Minor burns
· Dermatitis/ Eczema​
· Rosacea
· Psoriasis

· Evening of skin tone
· Scarring
· Scalp irritation from dryness or chemical processing
· Bumps after shaving
· Acne and Blemishes
· Nasal moisturizer 
· Elasticity of skin
· Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
· Hair luster
· Quick absorption with no greasy residue
· Bug Repellent
· Pets' skin irritations
The following are the reasons these ingredients are  included in Edye’s Face & Body Butter’s formula. 

PictureShea Butter: nourishes the skin with vitamins A, E, and F. Vitamins A and E help maintain the skin and keep it clear and healthy. They’re particularly helpful for sun-damaged skin, and they help prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines. Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator. It soothes rough, dry, or chapped skin and helps soften dry or damaged hair. Shea butter is high in unsaponifiables, and that high level is one of the properties that make shea butter so invaluable in treating the aforementioned conditions. Also, shea butter easily penetrates the skin—without clogging pores. It allows the skin to breathe. It has a high level of cinnamic acid, a natural sunscreen. And shea butter is anti-inflammatory.

PictureExtra-Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil contains a variety of antioxidants—including vitamins A and E—but the most potent compound is hydroxytyrosol, a very rare but potent antioxidant that prevents free-radical damage and absorbs deeply. Olive oil also moisturizes by forming a protective barrier that traps moisture on your skin.

PictureAvocado Oil: The sterolins found in avocado oil reduce blemishes, repair damaged skin, and increase collagen production naturally. A few of the vitamins found in avocado oil for skin rejuvenation are vitamin A; various B vitamins, including B1 and B2; and vitamins D and E, as well as beta-carotene, potassium, and lecithin.

PictureGrapeseed Oil: Contains Vitamins D, C, E, beta-carotene, fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid, ad palmitic acid), polyphenols. Grapeseed oil is suitable for all skin types and locks in moisture without clogging pores. It treats acne, tightens skin, diminishes dark eye circles, moisturizes, reduces scars, and restores collagen.

PictureJojoba: Contains Vitamins E, B-complex, copper, zinc selenium, iodine, chromium. Jojoba regulates production of sebum and is gentle, non-greasy, doesn’t clog pores, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.  

PictureCoconut Oil: Contains the most lauric acid of any substance on Earth. Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, a monoglyceride that can actually destroy lipid-coated viruses and bacteria. Coconut is composed of medium-chain fatty acids that are easily digested and readily cross cell membranes. Coconut oil has powerful antioxidants and never goes rancid.

PictureBeeswax: A wonderful substance secreted by worker honeybees and is used in creams for texture. Also, an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory with non-allergenic properties.

Picture Camellia Oil: Camellia oil is composed
mainly of almost 82% oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid (with roughly the same composition as natural human sebum), and other essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid. Camellia oil’s oleic acid composition is the highest among all natural oils. Studies have demonstrated that oleic acid has unparalleled penetration power because it can deeply permeate the lower layers of the stratum corneum to greatly enhance the beneficial effects of collagen and elastin by rejuvenating cell growth to give skin support and flexibility. Oleic acid is known as an excellent transdermal carrier of cell-rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds (collagen and elastin) into the skin to repair the damage caused by dryness, sun exposure, and other factors.


PictureCarrot Seed Essential Oil: Distilled from the seeds of wild carrot, also known as Queen Anne’s lace. The oil has high carotol content that rejuvenates skin. The oil is also taken orally for regeneration of liver tissue and is regularly used as a digestive tonic.

PictureOrganic Rosemary Antioxidant: Organic rosemary oil antioxidant is a natural preservative that contains healthy quantities of rosmarinic acid, which is essential for stabilizing the shelf life of body care products.

PictureSweet Orange Oil: This is an essential oil known to be uplifting; it is used for its scent.