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Edye's Organic Deep Nourishing Serum, Vegan - Edye's Naturals
Edye's Organic Deep Nourishing Serum, Vegan - Edye's Naturals
Edye's Organic Deep Nourishing Serum, Vegan - Edye's Naturals

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Edye's Organic Deep Nourishing Serum, Vegan

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Edye’s Deep Nourishing Serum

1 oz.

Too much time sailing had left Edye with rosacea and fine lines. She went to work on a serum that addressed those problems.

Today, that serum has been refined into 10 organic oils, working together to provide a deeply moisturizing dose of vitamins for your face and neck.  The positive results from this dosage of vitamins is incalculable. Edye believes that her wrinkles have been significantly diminished and her rosacea cleared up.

Other clients have seen results with



Even rashes on beloved pets.

Try our serum for better circulation and smoother skin appearance.

Edye’s serum has no water, alcohol, or other minerals or artificial scents. It has no protein or paraben.

Avocado Oil,* Camellia oil,* Almond Oil,* Apricot Kernel Oil,* Extra-Virgin Olive Oil,* Grapeseed Oil,  Jojoba,* Rice Bran Oil,* Coconut Oil,* Lemongrass Oil*
​* Organic

Use for

Your daily moisturizing to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and create a smoother skin-tone appearance.

Moisturizing steps


Start with Edye’s lemon cleansing oil.

Apply our serum on your face, neck, and check area.

Finish with our face and body butter.



How to apply

Start with a few drops on your forehead and massage into your skin until the serum feels and looks absorbed. Because there is no alcohol, try a few drops above your eyelids. Then massage into your cheeks, neck, and chest area. Experiment with how much serum is needed, starting with a few drops. Fill the dropper as needed.

If you are targeting a specific problem area, you might want to add a third lighter dose midday. Please check with your doctor first if you are using our serum for a medical condition.

The anti-inflammatory advantages of plant oil are so well known that many skincare products include them. But Edye’s serums are 100% plant oils.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin.