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The Sweet, Fat, Salty Deception of the Convenience Food Industry

It’s no secret that obesity is an epidemic in the United States, and there’s plenty of research conducted each year to learn why its happening and how to best prevent it. As revealed in Michael Moss’ book Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, not everyone is working to combat the issue. In fact, the food industry is made up of intelligent scientists and chemists, whose main objective is to keep the general population eating their “bad for you” products by any means necessary. And they push them as though they are legalized narcotic. According to Moss there are three key ingredients that act much like drugs do in affecting your brain’s pleasure zones: salt, sugar, and fat and packaged food manufacturers work hard main high levels of them in the food you feed your family.
Through interviews with industry insiders, Moss unveils the inner workings of the food industry and shares anecdotes that might make someone wonder what food is left to trust, including:
  • How Capri Suns are market as containing real fruit, but get away with a processed product of “stripped juice” that is nothing but another form of sugar (yes there is ZERO nutrition value in those pouches)
  • How a Kellogg’s commercial for Frosted Mini-Wheats that claimed to improve child attentiveness was aired for six months before the FTC got involved
  • How unassuming products like Yoplait and Prego spaghetti sauce have more sugar per serving than the obvious Lucky Charms and Oreos cookies
  • Psychology plays a major role in what is stocked on supermarket shelves such as Oscar Mayer Pizza Lunchables designed to be “Fun” for kids to assemble their raw heavily salted and preserved pizza ingredients to the envy of their lunch buddies.
It seems that every time the public learns of a sneaky work-around in the food industry, they come up with a different way of luring back the health-conscious consumer. Buyer beware!
While Moss leaves it up to public health advocates and organizations to solve the problem of holding the food industry accountable, you can always take your health into your own hands. Always choose to eat whole foods and read labels of every thing you consume or use on your body (avoid ingredients you don’t understand or can’t pronounce.)  Most importantly choose to treat your body well inside and out with organic products with ingredients you can understand such as  Edye’s Naturals.

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