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The Most Important Organ You Have Yet is Often Neglected

Do you know your body’s largest organ? It’s your skin! Not only does it hold everything else together, but it also serves other important functions that protect and take care of you.

Skin protects your internal organs from injury and infection and helps your immune system by providing a strong barrier to viruses and bad bacteria, while providing a safe habitat for good bacteria go grow. It naturally produces Vitamin D, which is vital for health. 

Your skin’s sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is natural oil that keeps your skin lubricated and protected. Sweat works with sebum to form a protective film, which not only eliminates waste and toxins but also helps maintain a normal body temperature. Blood vessels, hair, and sweat glands in your skin work together to control the heat flow between you and the surrounding environment.

This sensitive organ even provides sensory feedback to the brain because it is rich in receptors. Nerves give you a sense of touch, which lets you feel pain too. This allows you to react to dangerous situations around you and ultimately protects you from further pain (think touching a hot stove!).

Your skin is always making new skin cells to replace the dead ones, but even those work to forma barrier and block harmful substances from getting inside your body. As these dead cells fall off, new cells replace them to become part of the protective barrier. Take care of your skin to keep it in great condition to protect you. Use only healthy, organic products like  Edye’s Naturals products to take care of your skin the way it takes care of you!

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