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Surprising Ways To Use Edye's Products

Years of Experience in Natural Skincare
Edye’s Naturals products began in Edye’s New Jersey kitchen back in 2010, when she was determined to make a better skincare product than what she saw on the market.  With years of sun damage from being a sailor, Edye needed a better and more soothing moisturizer.  Edye was a conscious consumer and saw that most products on the market were filled with chemicals and were also watered down.  She set out to make an all-natural, plant-based moisturizer.  After many experiments of blending different organic, plant-based oils together, Edye finalized the formulation for her moisturizing Organic Face and Body Butter.  Each ingredient of her first product, and every one created since, is thoroughly selected for its nourishing properties.  Plant-based oils contain vitamins and minerals that act as food for our skin, helping to heal and repair (to learn more, check out a whole page dedicated to ingredients on our website!).  No chemicals are added to Edye’s Naturals products, making them great for even the most sensitive skin conditions.  

Over the years, we have received feedback on the many ways our products support healthy skin and more!  Below are some of the many uses for our products, in addition to the ones outlined on our website.  If you are wondering about a use case for any of our products, or are not sure which would be best for you, give us a call or send an email

All Products Can be Used for the Following:

*Healing blisters; this is especially true for Edye’s Organic Deep Nourishing Serum 

*Cradle cap on newborns

*Diaper rash

*Wound treatment post-surgery or cancer

*Bug bites or bee stings

*Burns and peeling skin; also for after sun exposure

*Hemorrhoid treatment 

*Nasal moisturizer

*Eczema, presenting anywhere on the body; note that Peppermint Skin Repair shouldn’t be used near the eyes

*Keratosis Pilaris (red bumps appearing on upper arms, buttocks or legs; it doesn’t itch or hurt, these red bumps are a build up of carotene and dead skin cells)

*Relieve cuticle irritation and to help heal torn or ripped cuticles

*Blisters and calluses

Edye’s Organic Body Butter

*To revive wood on old cabinets and cutting boards; offers more moisturizing properties than wood oil

*To diminish or lessen wrinkles, laugh lines, and brown spots

*After treatment for carcinoma

*Use on lips to prevent irritation while playing a reed instrument

*Can use as a barrier on skin to prevent allergic reaction from wearing jewelry 

Edye’s Organic Peppermint Skin Repair

*Helps ease swelling on minor muscle aches

*Helps ease discomfort from itchy or burning skin

Edye’s Organic Deep Nourishing Serum:

*Helps heal styes around the eyes

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What are your favorite ways to use our products? We love receiving feedback from our customers!  Please support Edye's Naturals by leaving a review here. Whatever skin challenges you have, give Edye's a try and tell us how it worked. 

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