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Strengthening Imbalances: How to Fortify Less Dominant Muscles

Everyone has a more dominant arm or leg, but the degree of difference for strength imbalances can vary immensely. Just like we alternate arm and leg days when we work out, we need to remember to work on our weaker sides and the muscles that often get overlooked and are therefore weaker than others. Unbalanced muscle strength can eventually lead to a variety of physical issues, including overuse of the stronger muscles and associated pain and injury.
In our day-to-day lives, we simply use some muscles more frequently than others. As an example, most people use one hand significantly more than the other, increasing grip strength and the lifting power of that particular hand and arm. While your less-dominant hand is usually less used and slightly weaker as a result, it is possible to strengthen it with basic exercises and increased usage. The same goes for any other muscle in your body!
When I brush my teeth, I balance on my weaker leg to make sure those muscles stay well used. Next time you open a door, carry a book, or brush your own teeth, try it with your less dominant hand. These small activities engage the less regularly used muscles and eventually improve muscle strength as well as muscle memory. With any exercise or activity, make sure to engage both your weak muscles and your stronger ones in the same way. Because you’re forcing your weaker side to work a bit harder, you are also building more muscle and increasing coordination in that area.
Another way to strengthen weaker muscles is to have more weight on your weaker side, such as wearing a watch or bracelet on that side. Another way is to carry your keys, wallet, or pocketbook on that side.  These simple changes are easy to make a habit. Remember improving the strength of your less dominant muscles can also have a positive effect on brain development.

By focusing on strengthening rarely used muscles, you can prevent muscle imbalance before it causes you any harm. And don’t forget to treat your body well, inside and out, by using only all natural, organic products like Edye’s Naturals.

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