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Smile – Flexing Facial Muscles Can Prevent Wrinkles!

We exercise the rest of our bodies, so why not our faces? Some beauty gurus recommend a daily round of facial flexing exercises similar to workouts for other body parts. These exercises keep your skin and muscles toned, preventing sagging and wrinkles, especially when done in connection with proper skin care. While facial muscles are small, they weave around our skulls and can be isolated and flexed just like your biceps and hamstrings.

The belief of the past was that you should use those muscles as little as possible to prevent signs of aging. Today, facial flexing enthusiasts insist that these exercises are the way to go. These exercises are even used to restore mobility and tone for people recovering from strokes or diseases affecting facial nerves.

While you may not be able to bulk up your facial muscles the same way you do your arms and legs, these exercises can even take the place of cosmetic surgery for some patients. Facial flexing can be recommended as an alternative for young patients, or others who find surgery isn’t quite right for them. Try some of these exercises yourself and see if you can feel the difference!

Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift
Touch thumbs and index fingers together, forming binoculars over your eyes. Lift index fingers gently while lowering thumbs to widen the circle. Scrunch lower eyelids by squinting, while keeping fingers against your skin. Hold for ten seconds and do three reps twice a day.

Upper Lip
Create a V shape with index finger and thumb, placing at the upper corners of the mouth. In the same position, place the other hand on top of the first hand. Raise eyes and force a smile against lightly pressed fingers.

And remember to use  Edye’s Naturals products to keep your skin healthy and supple. Proper skin care is a great supplement to facial exercises.

Find more facial exercises at this link:

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