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Sleep ZZZZ....

Did you know that craving chocolate is a sign of magnesium deficiency?  In fact, chocolate happens to be high in magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that plays a role in over 300 bodily reactions!  From keeping your heart rate steady, to supporting liver detoxification, bone strength and formation, blood sugar balance, and protein synthesis, magnesium is vital to your health.  

Natural medicine expert, Dr. Aviva Romm, refers to magnesium as The Relaxation Mineral.  Magnesium literally nourishes the nervous system, helping us to relax.  It is estimated that 80% of people are deficient in magnesium. One main factor for this is the consumption of processed foods, which are stripped of minerals; coffee and soda consumption also deplete magnesium.  

Some signs that you may have a magnesium deficiency include: sleeplessness, muscle cramps, muscle twitches (eye twitching), anxiety, low energy, sweet or chocolate cravings, and constipation.  

When we are under stress, there are changes that occur on a cellular level.  The calcium (normally outside of the cells) enters the cells; this creates an active state in which our nerve cells become excited and muscles tense up.  When our stress has settled, magnesium pushes the calcium back outside of the cell, resulting in relaxation. A magnesium deficiency creates a state in which calcium lingers in the cells, resulting in prolonged stress and other magnesium deficiency symptoms.  

Supplementing with magnesium can be a life changer. Magnesium helps relax and restore your nervous system, allowing you to better handle stress, sleep better, and feel more at ease.  Magnesium is also an effective laxative–don't over do it because it may have you running to the bathroom.  A good rule of thumb when supplementing is to start with a small dose and go from there.  

Edye’s favorite magnesium supplement is Natural Calm, a supplement powder which creates an effervescent drink when added to water.  Edye has found Natural Calm to be the most effective magnesium supplement she has tried.  Natural Calm offers highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form, meaning it's effective in the body right away.  If you are using magnesium to help improve your sleep, take it before bed.  Consult your health care expert to determine your individual needs.

Support your body and health by eating a whole foods diet and taking key nutritional supplements, such as magnesium.  Remember, what you put on your body goes in your body too. Edye’s Naturals is committed to all natural and organic ingredients, to help you feel your best and support and maintain your health.  

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