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Organic Rice Fresh Farm A New Jersey Farm

Shared values make strong foundations for quality partnerships, as is the case with Edye’s Naturals and Blue Moon Acres. While Blue Moon Acres partners with Edye’s Naturals to sell the all natural Face and Body Butter in its store, it is most known for growing certified organic rice. Jim and Kathy Lyons started harvesting their first rice crop in 2014 and since have harvested over 12,000 pounds in five varieties including white, brown, and black; short, medium, and long grain; and specialized rice for risotto and sushi. Bags of their rice are sold at the farm’s own markets, at their stand in the Stockton Market, and online. The taste is so much better and fresher tasting than the rice in supermarkets.
While it’s unusual to hear of local rice being grown in New Jersey, Blue Moon Acres first gained notice as a pioneer in the production of microgreens in 1993 and their gourmet greens quickly became the favorites of top-tier chefs in places like New York City.
“I was working in the natural foods industry for a time and I realized, looking at Oriental healing, how important food is,” said Jim of his venture. “And a big part of healthy diets seemed to me to include good-quality whole grains.”  Rice does not have gluten which many people have a problem eating.
One benefit of local grown rice is that it’s rarely grown paddy style, which means better avoidance of the absorption of arsenic. It also doesn’t have that stale smell that appears when the lipids in standard grains get volatile and lead to rancid rice. Since local rice is always fresh, it’s recommended to keep it cool and dry by putting it in a glass jar in your fridge.
It’s important to pay attention to not just what you put on your skin, but when you eat. Consider visiting on of Blue Moon Acres market for their organic products and of course make sure you use Edye’s Naturals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember us on Small Business Saturday November 26, 2016.

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