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Mineral Oil, What's So Great?

Did you know that petroleum jelly is a by-product of the petroleum manufacturing process?  It's important to know that many companies will label petroleum as "mineral oil" on their ingredients list.  Many people reach towards this conventional “skin care” product (one common brand you are likely familiar with is Vaseline) as a cheap moisturizer.  Petroleum jelly is a fatty substance, which can help to lock in moisture and soften skin, yet there are many downsides to its use. 

Just because something is commonly used doesn’t mean that it is safe, or effective.  In fact, studies have found that mineral oil compounds (specifically mineral oil hydrocarbons) were found in tested human tissues to varying degrees, with the highest concentrations found in the lymph nodes, liver, fat tissue. spleen and lung.  These studies suggests that mineral oil has the potential to accumulate strongly in human tissues and doesn't support the current classification of mineral oil as "food grade". 

Let’s take a look at the downsides of petroleum and explore why Edye’s Naturals is better for healing skin. 

  1.  Clogged Pores: Petroleum jelly and products which contain petroleum as an ingredient have a high occlusive property.  This means that they create a strong barrier on the skin, which helps to retain moisture, but at the cost of trapping dirt, dead skin cells, and sweat.  This can lead to clogged pores as well as bacteria build-up, which in turn leads to acne and other skin issues.  On the other hand, Edye’s Naturals products are formulated with a blend of organic plant-based oils, which moisturize the skin without clogging pores.  This is due to the fact that most plant-based oils are light-weight and more closely resemble the skin’s natural oils.  Edye’s Naturals products are easily absorbed and don’t leave a greasy residue. 

  2. Lacks Nutrients: Petroleum is void of any essential nutrients or vitamins.  This means that although it may provide temporary moisturization, it doesn't contribute to overall health or nourishment of the skin.  Conversely, Edye’s Naturals products are loaded with vitamins and minerals which nourish and heal your skin.  In fact, we think of our products as food for your skin!  Each product contains a mindfully selected array of organic, plant-based oils which offer different nutrients and synergistically nourish your skin.  Take a look at our ingredients list to see all of the deep nourishment our products offer. 

  3. Potential Skin Irritation: Did you know that some people experience skin irritations and even have allergic reactions to petroleum-based products?  It’s especially important for people with sensitive skin to avoid petroleum-based products.  Redness, itchiness, and rashes are all symptoms people have experienced.  Unlike petroleum, Edye’s Naturals products are ideal for people with sensitive skin.  Our products don’t contain any alcohol, water, or artificial ingredients; in other words, all ingredients are working ingredients, which help to heal and replenish skin. 

  4. Environmental Concerns: Petroleum is a non-renewable resource.  Petroleum jelly is the result of an extensive mining and refining process, which damages our earth.  As we work towards a greener planet, it is important to take steps as individuals to support renewable energy and products.  Edye’s Naturals ingredients are all renewable and are responsibly sourced.  Additionally, we partner with to plant a tree with every purchase!

  5. Moisture Dependency: One major issue with using petroleum jelly is that it doesn’t actively hydrate your skin or improve your skin’s natural moisture-retaining abilities.  This can lead to a dependency, in which your skin becomes drier when you are not using the product.  Edye’s Naturals does the opposite of this!  Our products help to rejuvenate your skin and balance your skin’s natural oils.  

  6. Contamination: Are you aware that petroleum-based products are more prone to bacterial and microbial contamination if not used and stored properly?  This can lead to skin irritations and even infections, especially when the product is used on open wounds and cracked skin.  Edye’s Naturals products contain natural preservatives, such as rosemary oil, which help to extend shelf life while simultaneously being a source of vital nutrients. 

Overall, there are no great benefits to using petroleum-based products on your skin, and all of these above negatives.  Edye’s Naturals products are superior for healing skin and promoting healthy skin. 

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