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How I Calmed the Symptoms of my Rosacea

I looked high and low for the right product for to relieve the symptoms of my Rosacea. There wasn’t an organic lotion for it that didn’t contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals that irritate skin. I found that many of the very inexpensive moisturizers list water as the first ingredient. We all know oil and water don’t mix, so alcohol is typically added along with other emulsifiers to make water and oil blend in cosmetic products, some of them toxic. Why should we put poisonous ingredients on our skin when a lot of it absorbs into the skin and makes its way to the blood stream?
A Breakthrough
I had always researched different ingredients that were very nutrient and antioxidant rich. Just like eating organic foods is better than ingesting supplements, using organic nutrient rich plant oils are much more beneficial for your skin than factory made oils. For example, I don’t use Vitamin E or Vitamin C oils, as they are created in factories and I can get the proper nutrients from plant oils instead. I started combining these nutrient rich ingredients to make a product that would calm the redness of my rosacea and created Edye’s Face and Body Butter. At first, my cheeks grew redder for a few minutes before the redness quickly went away as my skin soothed. Today, my cheeks continue to heal and are rarely red. Even after a recent beach trip, my cheeks were red that night, but it had reduced the next morning . Nothing will make me give up the beach and sit in the house all day hiding from the sun!
Organic is Always Better! 
Since we don’t use emulsifiers and chemicals for smoothness, Edye’s Naturals products are much more complex and difficult to make. They are made by hand since the formula needs to cure after pouring and before the lid is placed on. We don’t always achieve a super smooth texture because of the lack of emulsifiers, but the product melts smooth as soon as it touches the warmth of your skin. We have made a recent change to our Face and Body formula, replacing the mango butter with grape seed oil, as both are rich in Vitamin C, but grape seed oil will produce a better-guaranteed smoothness a benefit we are sure you will appreciate. Overall, helping you achieve healthier skin void harsh chemicals is our goal.
My personal experience is just one of many, so please read more testimonials from our loyal customers on our website to see how healthy organic plant oils truly make the difference.

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