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How Do You Know if A Product Is Listing All the Ingredients?

What we put on our skin, enters our bodies. Remember that no one is checking on the ingredients of skincare. It is not a Food or a Drug so the FDA is not involved in checking up on skincare. So buyer beware! Many products claim to be “natural” and “healthy” for your skin, but how do you know if the claims are true?  It is important to carefully read labels and think critically about the ingredients to make sure all ingredients are listed. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

Ask yourself: Does it look like all of the ingredients are listed?

If you see water and oil in the product, but no emulsifiers listed, ingredients are missing. In order for water and oil to mix, an emulsifier is absolutely necessary. Emulsifiers are substances with molecules in which one side attracts water and one side attracts oil, resulting in a stable mixture when added to products which contain water and oil. Without an emulsifier, the product would split. While there are some natural emulsifiers, they are tricky to work with and just because they are natural doesn’t mean they are good for your skin. Examples of emulsifiers for skincare  include ethoxylated alcohols, carboxylates, sodium isethionate, glycerol monostearate, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and silicone emulsifiers such as dimethicones.

When you take a look at the ingredient list, you may see that water is mixed with oils, yet no emulsifiers are listed. Keep in mind that water-containing ingredients, such as aloe, and honey will also require an emulsifier.  Question whether all ingredients are listed, since without an emulsifier the oils would float to the top and water based ingredients would be on the bottom.

Also, beware of when you see “proprietary blend” on an ingredient list, as the ingredients used are not disclosed. Also look for Trademark symbols next to the ingredients ™”, which make claims to improve your skin, but are not transparent about their ingredients. Another method to hide ingredients is to only mention active ingredients.

Another place to look is at soap labels.  You will see that we list lye. Lye is a necessary ingredient in soap making.  Soap is cured, so the final soap product doesn’t contain lye, but it is still a necessary ingredient involved in the chemical reaction that changes oil to soap.  If you see a soap that doesn’t list lye (sodium hydroxide) on the label, the company is not being transparent about the ingredients used to make the product. 

Edye’s Naturals believes that skincare should be viewed as food for our skin.  For this reason, Edye’s Naturals only uses organic ingredients, and formulates mindfully, so that emulsifiers and fillers are not added to our products. In order to keep our products full of beneficial ingredients and no fillers, Edye’s Naturals doesn’t use water  or water based ingredients. Our products are all made from high-quality, organic oils. 

What you put on your skin matters. Take a look at the ingredients on all of your skincare products and think critically about whether the product is quality or if all the ingredients are listed. 

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