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Have Your Heard Of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, often referred to as “the sister of yoga”, is a study and practice of awareness.  Ayu translates to “life” and veda translates to “knowledge”.  This traditional system of medicine originated in India over thousands of years ago, and offers a unique approach to achieving balance and well-being.  

Ayurveda is rooted in ancient Indian philosophy and is based on the belief that each person is a unique combination of five elements- earth, water, fire, air and ether (space). These elements manifest in the body as three doshas: Vata (ether and air), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water).  In Ayurveda, the balance of these doshas is at the root of one’s health.  

Each person is a unique combination of the three doshas.  These doshas are the building blocks of life and govern various aspects of our physical, mental and emotional aspects of our wellbeing. Through understanding your dominant dosha and overall constitution you can make lifestyle choices that support your health and wellbeing.  Let’s explore each dosha through diving into the causes of imbalance, expressions of imbalance, how to maintain/bring balance, and expressions of balance.

Vata Dosha

Causes of Vata Imbalance:
 bitter food, cold food, left over food, raw food, insufficient food, stimulants, excess exercise, excess sex, over speaking, over thinking, multitasking, cold weather, wind, dry environment, city environment, loud environment, travel, staying up late, lack of sleep, trapped in negative thoughts (worry, fear), irregular lifestyle

Expressions of Vata Imbalance: having a difficult time listening/paying attention, fast speech, racing thoughts, fidgeting, doodling, fear, anxiety, worry, panic, heart palpitations, emaciated, weak, dry/rough skin, brittle bones/nails, unstable life (career, relationship, home), dry/scanty stools, scanty urine, confusion, negative thoughts

Maintain/Bring Vata Balance: warm food, stew, casserole, warm drink, regular routine, soft speech, good friends, music, arts, astrology, connect with others through organized group meetings, spiritual focus, nature, slow pace to life

Expressions of Vata Balance: body feels light/clear/mobile but healthy, good speaker, good listener, flexible, creative lover, connector, brings people together through art and music, can dance in unknown, intuitive understanding of people/plants/animals, can feel the subtle connections to everything

Pitta Dosha

Causes of PItta imbalance: hot food, pungent food, oily food, eating too fast, eating while moving, eating while angry, too much time spent in sun, over working, excess debate, increased judgment, anger, envy, irritable, too much competition, drug abuse, over exertion, speaking down to others, increased pace of life, verbally abusive relationship, over speaking

Expressions of Pitta Imbalance: must be heard, cannot focus/listen to others, domineering, over confident, strong body odor, odorous bowels/urine, running bowel movements, acne, boils, relationship revolves around sexual intimacy, complete exhaustion, strong-headed debates, always right/opinionated, balding head

Maintain/Bring Pitta Balance: cool drink, cool food, bitters, sweet taste, practice compassionate listening, implement team building exercises at work, don’t work too hard, create time for partner, express love/gratitude/joy towards others, decrease debates, increase listening, observe habits (meditate)

Expressions of Pitta Balance: great leader, focused, clear, amazing memory, speaker, decisive, coordinating events, body feels strong/clear/luminous/healthy, great patience, brings ideas to fruition, strong sense of self, organized, focused studies/works with clarity and focus, brave, courageous

Kapha Dosha

Causes of Kapha Imbalance: overeating, giving into cravings, TV, being a couch potato, laziness, decreased work ethic, decreased passion, extreme homebody, lack of movement, decreased exercise, increased sleeping, naps, not enough talking, slow pace life, depression, grief, sadness, longing, stuck, dull, blocked

Expressions of Kapha Imbalance: no opinion, decreased thought, no interest/passion, slow speech/thought/memory, sluggish movement, cannot get excited, emotionless, depression, sadness, attachment, can’t let go (possession) even if it doesn’t serve them well, decreased passion in relationships, unable to share opinions, long lasting sadness

Maintain/Bring Kapha Balance: bitter foods, whole foods, astringent taste, small meals, less snacking, new hobby, exercise, hike, swim, trampoline, positive friends, surround oneself with good listeners, less sleep, dry/light environment, change in job, speaking classes

Expressions of Kapha Balance: nurturing, amazing listener, compassionate, grounded, soft, humble, sturdy, consistent, space holder, commitment to partner/job, wise, increased ability to express love, giving, giver/caretaker, mothering, go with the flow, grounded

Find Your Unique Balance with Ayurveda

In a fast-paced world where stress, imbalance diets, and modern lifestyles have become the norm, Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to achieving holistic wellbeing.  By understanding your unique constitution, you can learn to harmonize it through diet, exercises, daily routine/practices, and mindfulness.  

To learn more, check out this dosha quiz. Do it when you have some time, because it’s very thorough.  Edye's Naturals supports you in living your best life! You can read past newsletters at

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