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Have You Heard Of Vitamin B17?

Vitamin B17, also called amygdalin, is a powerful nutrient which is found in nuts, seeds, and some other plants.  Apricot kernels are one of the highest sources of vitamin B17, with each individual kernel containing around 20mg of vitamin B17.  In fact, apricot kernel oil is one of the most popular massage oils due to its high vitamin B17 content. 

Apricot kernel oil helps to moisturize and soften the skin and is especially helpful for dry skin conditions. It is easily absorbed into the skin, so won’t leave an oily residue.   Apricot kernel oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.  

Apricot kernel is also regarded for having anti-aging properties.  It is believed that vitamin B17 helps to prevent and assist in the removal of free radicals, which damage and age the skin.  Furthermore, vitamin B17 is believed to promote skin cell regeneration.  Apricot kernel oil is also high in vitamins A, E and gamma linoleic acid.  Vitamins A and E are high in antioxidants and also offer anti-aging properties. Vitamin E is particularly helpful when it comes to protecting the skin from UV radiation. Linoleic acid, along with the other fatty acids apricot kernel oil contains, make it great for dry and mature skin. 

Edye’s Organic Serum and Edye’s Organic Eczema Serum are both formulated with apricot kernel oil.  Apricot kernel oil is great for sensitive skin, helps to improve skin elasticity, and can even help with fine lines and dark spots. 

Smooth, soften, and rejuvenate your skin with Edye’s Organic Serum, formulated as our anti-aging product.  If you are suffering from eczema, give Edye’s Organic Eczema Serum a try.  We have helped countless people get off of corticosteroid products, and with better results.  Edye’s Naturals products are formulated with the health of your skin in mind.  We use a blend of all organic, plant-based oils to offer synergistic effects when it comes to skin health. 

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