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Have You Heard of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy?

When it comes to natural cures, some can be hard to believe.  Edye met a client who cured rheumatoid arthritis (RA) using food-grade hydrogen peroxide.  *Note that the hydrogen peroxide used therapeutically was food grade, not pharmacy hydrogen peroxide.  It is always important to work with qualified healthcare practitioners to treat serious illnesses, and it is also smart to research and find out what has worked for other people.  

The woman who had RA was inspired to use hydrogen peroxide therapeutically after reading the book, “The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases” by Madison Cavanaugh.  The premise of the book is that oxygen is the body’s most abundant and essential element, and that adequate oxygen is necessary to keep us disease free.  While oxygen is certainly used in medicine when people are unable to breathe sufficiently on their own, it is hardly ever used as the first line of defense against disease.  Cavanaugh argues that using oxygen as a primary treatment for most diseases would be looked at as too simplistic to most medical professionals. Interestingly, some cancer drugs, such as verteporfin, and interferon drugs used in the treatment of MS, have been shown efficacious in studies due to the fact that they increase blood oxygen levels.  

Cavanaugh believes that oxygen deficiency is a root cause of all diseases.  She also states that one of the reasons oxygen therapy using hydrogen peroxide isn’t well known, is that it threatens pharmaceutical company profits.  In her book she writes, “Food-grade hydrogen peroxide costs only 11/2 cents a day for the recommended dosage, and takes less than one minute to administer.”  Cavanaugh also explains how the proper dosage of hydrogen peroxide (diluted in distilled water and taken on an empty stomach) is able to fight disease without causing adverse side-effects. 

Oxygen therapy works by highly oxygenating the body and creating an environment where disease-causing microorganisms can no longer survive, disease causing cells die, and healthy cells are rejuvenated; hydrogen peroxide also stimulates the immune system.  Oxygen therapy is different from simply breathing in air, as the levels of oxygen your body receives are much higher. 

It is important to do your research and talk with your qualified health practitioner before self-administering hydrogen-peroxide therapy; while generally regarded as safe by the FDA, hydrogen peroxide can cause harm when used inappropriately. This woman was able to put her RA into remission and no longer requires a wheelchair, thanks to successful hydrogen peroxide therapy.  To learn more about hydrogen peroxide therapy, read Madison Cavanaugh’s book.  

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