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Have You Heard Of Face Mapping?

Have you ever considered that your skin’s appearance could be informative about your overall health?  Face mapping is an ancient Chinese practice which has been used for over 3,000 years.  The technique is used to indicate one’s internal health based on the skin’s appearance. The belief is that each area of the face corresponds to a specific organ, and that any imbalances in the body will be reflected on the skin. Imbalances most commonly present as acne, dryness or redness. 

Listed below is a simplified understanding of different areas of the face and the organs they traditionally correspond to:

-Forehead→ Liver

-Eyebrows→ Gallbladder 

-Eyes→ Kidneys

-Nose→ Lungs

-Cheeks→ Spleen

-Mouth→ Stomach

-Chin→ Large Intestine

-Neck→ Small Intestine

It’s important to note that scientific research is limited regarding face mapping.  The technique is based on observation and the belief that qi, or “life energy”, flows throughout the body in invisible pathways. Presently, there are new face mapping techniques that have been created which are based more in dermatology.  While they may differ from traditional face mapping, they are similar in their belief that skin imbalances are an indication of deeper health imbalances.  

Whether you decide to explore the more traditional face mapping, or one which is modernized, face mapping can be a helpful tool for improving your skin health.  The key is to pay attention to signs that your body is giving you and to then take action by making changes to your lifestyle and diet to improve your overall health.  For example, if you find you have acne on your forehead, try incorporating more liver-supporting foods into your diet, such as leafy greens, citruses, and nuts.  If you have puffiness under your eyes or dark circles, this can be an indication of too much stress or dehydration; take steps to invite in more relaxation and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Here are some additional tips to improve skin appearance and overall health:

*Prioritize sleep: This is your body’s time to repair and rejuvenate!

*Manage stress: Stress can increase inflammation and is a root cause of many skin problems.

*Avoid smoking and alcohol: Substance use accelerates aging, taking a toll on skin health and overall health. 

*Always use natural skincare products: Conventional products contain harsh chemicals which damage your skin.  All of Edye’s products contain a blend of plant-based oils which synergistically work together to nourish your skin.  

*Hydrate: The holistic rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight (in ounces) on a daily basis. Start your day with a cup of water!

Remember, there are many factors that can affect the appearance of your skin.  By listening to your body and taking action, you can improve your overall health and achieve healthier, more radiant skin. 

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