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Good for People, Good for Pets

Skincare and pet care often do not go hand in hand, as animal skin is more sensitive to the chemicals in human products. Because of its all-natural, organic, edible ingredients, Edye’s can safely be used on pets to help treat their skin conditions too! Here are some things to know about using human products on our furry friends, but consult your veterinarian for the best advice on caring for their skin needs.
Thinner skin – their epidermis has a turnover rate of 20 days compared to a human’s 28 days. The canine epidermis is also only three to five cells thick instead of the ten to fifteen cells thickness on humans.
More permeable  – animal skin is often used as a replacement for human skin in drug trials, but it has been found that the permeation of hydrophobic compounds through the epidermal layer is higher than through human skin.
Smaller body mass – because cats and dogs have a smaller body mass than humans, they are more affected by what is put on them or what they ingest.
So how can Edye’s Face and Body Butter help relieve pets of their skin conditions?
If your pet is scratching or nibbling at their fur, first rule out ticks, fleas, and mites. Irritated skin can be a result of many problems such as skin diseases, allergies, ear problems, and other illnesses. Use Edye’s to help relieve minor cuts, bruises, and itching. If the problem stems from something your pet may be ingesting, consult your veterinarian about changing their diet or adding probiotics.
Understand that the best thing for your furry friend is to get a proper diagnosis as soon as possible so treatment can begin. Expose them only to all natural, safe products that won’t exacerbate their condition, like Edye’s Naturals

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