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Dry Skin Patches? Demystifying Dermatitis

Your physician has determined those dry skin patches you have is a skin condition called dermatitis. So what is it? Dermatitis has many causnes and can occur in many forms. This non-contagious skin condition involves an itchy rash on red and swollen skin.  Medical practitioners often interchange the term dermatitis with the condition atopic eczema, which is the most common form of eczema that caused internally with a possible chronic inflammatory reaction that typically has a genetic link and family history of allergic sensitivity. It mainly affects children, but can also affect adults.

Contact dermatitis occurs when skin is touched by an irritant and develops inflammation during initial or repeated exposure. Contact dermatitis can be caused soap, detergents, and solvents.  Atopic eczema is caused by allergens including nickel, rubber, fragrances, cosmetic chemicals, dyes, paints, and topical medications.

Factors related to dermatitis include age, exposure to irritants, allergies, asthma and occupation. The best way to avoid contact dermatitis is to take precaution when interacting with possible irritants (use of gloves etc.) or select fragrance-free products. To keep symptoms at bay it’s best to take shorter baths with warm water followed by moisturizing products such as Edye’s Naturals Face & Body Butter  (which is safe for all skin types) while your skin is damp to help prevent reoccurring dermatitis.  

Non-prescription anti-inflammation and anti-itch products are easy to find, but fish oil supplements in addition to consuming whole foods rich in vitamin D, or taking food-based vitamin D supplements and probiotics also have qualities to treat dermatitis. Tea tree oil and aloe vera soothe irritated skin and simply putting cool, moist cloths on affected areas can ease itching. Avoid further irritating the affected area and avoid contact with the original irritant.

Edye’s Naturals products are made using organic ingredients to help your skin return to normal and repair damage caused by dermatitis.  As shown in our testimonial, many of our customers use our products regularly to keep their skin hydrated and prevent flare-ups related to dermatitis.

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