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Does Your Face Need Exercise?

We all know that exercise is important to overall health--many of us go to the gym with the goal of getting a whole body workout--but have you ever considered exercising your face and neck?  There are 57 muscles in your face and neck, and they need a workout too! If you didn’t consider these muscles before, you are not alone. Few people realize the important role these muscles play in maintaining elasticity and facial.  In fact, facial exercises help to improve tone by tightening the muscles in the face, which can lead to fewer wrinkles, less tension, and even fewer headaches and decreased eye strain.

Have you ever wondered what causes the skin in our faces to sag as we age?  This is due in large part to the fat pads that lie just beneath the skin. These fat pads thin with age and begin to loosen.  Gravity exacerbates the sagging, leaving the cheeks appearing hollow and face droopy. The good news is that facial exercises can help reverse these visual effects of aging.  Facial exercises are natural and safe. In fact, they have gained a reputation as being “nonsurgical face-lifts”.

You may be thinking: “Don’t I already work my facial muscles out daily?". Of course, you use your facial muscles anytime you make a facial movement- whether it be a smile, frown, or any other facial expression. Your unique pattern of facial movements is what predicts your pattern of future wrinkles, as a groove will form (over time) perpendicular to the movement. The reason why facial exercises are important is because they work muscles you likely don’t move regularly--this helps your muscles to stay fit and firm. Facial exercises also increase blood flow and circulation, which also helps to counteract wrinkles.

A recent study by Northwestern University showed the promising results of facial exercises. 30 minutes of daily facial exercises, or at least a few times a week, resulted in younger appearance and fuller and firmer cheeks. Women who took part in the study were rated by dermatologists as looking three years younger, just after 20 weeks of committing to facial exercises!  
Try facial exercises and see the benefits for yourself!  

If you would like to try some exercises but don’t know where to begin, watch this Happy Face Yoga video by Gary Sikorski, who developed Happy Face Yoga, one of the longest-established facial-exercise programs.  

Along with implementing facial exercise, treat your skin and body well by eating a whole foods diet and only using quality, natural and organic products like Edye’s Naturals on your skin.  

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    Dan Doherty

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