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Do Men Need Skincare?

While skincare products are generally marketed towards women as “beauty” products, men need skincare too.  Plenty of men are interested in taking care of their health via exercise and eating right, yet some tend to neglect the fact that skincare is essential to one’s health.  This lack of focus on skincare is likely due to the gender-biased marketing of skincare products. 
Skin is your largest bodily organ, as well as the first barrier of defense.  Your skin protects your inner body from bacteria, germs, and UV rays.  When skin is healthy, it helps to filter out toxins and plays a role in regulating body temperature.  Skin is skin, and caring for it is as essential for men as it is for women. 

Due to the fact that men have more collagen and elastin in their skin, they have thicker skin.  This makes signs of aging appear slower than they do for women, who have thinner skin.  This difference in skin composition may make some believe that men don’t need skincare, yet this is not the case.  Men’s skin is still vulnerable to pollution, UV rays, dietary habits, and aging.  In fact, men are more likely to get skin cancer than women.  This is due to the fact that men are less likely to use sunblock and other skin care practices.  Men are also tend to delay visits to the dermatologist when they do see suspicious spots.  It is important that men are aware of the fact that skincare products, which help to protect skin, should be used both preventatively and as skin issues arise.  Making skincare a part of your daily routine helps to improve blood circulation, provide nutrients to your skin, and prevent aging. 

Edye’s Naturals knows that nourished skin is healthy skin, and that skincare is for men too!  All of Edye’s Naturals products are specifically formulated to give your skin a wide-range of vitamins and nutrients.  Did you know that men have more sebaceous glands, which means their skin tends to be oilier and they have larger pores?  This means that men’s skin, particularly facial skin, is more prone to free radicals in the environment.  While aging may appear later, when it does occur, it happens more quickly. 

Using skincare preventatively can help clear your pores.  For men, preventative measures are important, since they tend to have larger pores and oilier skin.  Edye’s Naturals Lemon Organic Cleansing Oil helps to balance your skin, leaving it moisturized but not oily.  Edye’s Naturals Lemon Organic Cleansing Oil helps to clear your pores of impurities, while also delivering powerful antioxidant protection with vitamins A, B, and C.  A great follow-up to the cleansing oil is Edye’s Organic Deep Nourishing Serum.  This serum was crafted with organic avocado oil and organic camellia oil, as the two first ingredients; both have properties which help to maintain and build collagen.  Edye’s Organic Deep Nourishing Serum will help to prevent aging, as well as diminish lines and wrinkles.  All of Edye’s Naturals products are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

Finally, when it comes to men’s skincare, we cannot leave out beard maintenance.  Edye’s Organic Beard Oil is made using all natural and organic plant oils.  You will not find another like it on the market.  Most beard oils contain synthetic chemicals and “moisturizers”, which actually result in drier, stiffer beards.  The oils in Edye’s Organic Beard Oil contain vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients, which provide nourishment and protection.  This helps prevent flaky skin, leaving beards shiny and smooth.  Edye’s Organic Beard Oil also contains the fresh scents of pine and cedarwood, leaving one refreshed and energized. 

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