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Did You Know Wind Turbines Offer One Of The Cleanest Forms Of Energy?

Did you know that wind energy is considered one of the cleanest forms of energy?  Wind turbines only run on the power of wind generated, so they don’t require fossil fuels; this means that they don’t contribute to climate change.  In fact, wind turbines offer the possibility of infinite clean energy.  There have been many advances in wind turbine technology, resulting in designs which generate more energy, require less maintenance, and run more quietly and safely.  According to the United States Department of Interior, the average wind turbine generates over 843,000 kWh per month, which is enough for more than 940 US homes.  This means that the average wind turbine generates enough energy in just 46 minutes to power an average US home for an entire month!

There are challenges to wind turbines, one of which is the potential impact on wildlife.  The most highly impacted species are birds and bats.  There are also indirect ways in which wind turbines can impact wildlife, such as noise, habitat loss, and reduced survival or reproduction.  For offshore turbines, there are questions regarding how they impact fish populations and how the noise in particular may impact whales.  Some people have actually observed an increase in fish populations by turbines, perhaps due to commercial fishing being out of the area.  More research needs to be done to determine ways to further mitigate wind turbine impacts on wildlife.  

It’s important to keep in mind that human architecture has long impacted birds and other wildlife; for instance, windows and skyscrapers are hazardous yet continue to be built.  In general, we should place our focus on improving sustainable solutions.  In 2018, the US government created a public database of wind turbines, which has improved research opportunities and exists as a source of important information for land and resource management.  

Some people will also complain about the aesthetic impact of wind turbines. The turbines need to be built high enough to capture adequate wind, which can interrupt scenic landscapes.  While they may not be the prettiest to look at, it is important to consider their larger impact on our environment.  On the bright side, newer wind turbines tend to have sleeker designs.  

While there is room for improvement when it comes to wind energy, the technology is innovative and it is a huge improvement over fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels contribute immensely to climate change and are also a finite resource.  The United States is planning to produce 20 percent of its electricity via wind by the year 2030.  Wind energy helps to conserve water, produces no particulate emissions, and is part of the solution when it comes to a more sustainable future.

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