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Colors Of The Season

Around this time of year, everything in storefronts and online is red, green, yellow (for Christmas) and blue (for Hanukkah). Each holiday throughout the year tends to be associated with a particular color, but the winter holidays have some of the strongest color associations, making everyone remember fond memories and feel the holiday cheer.
Studies have shown that color affects the way we perceive things, from certain situations to brands and other people. Some believe our brain innately connects colors with feelings, while others believe the feelings associated with each color are learned. Regardless, it is known that we feel color. How or what we feel may vary from person to person, but there are some instances with a universal significance. Since ancient times, color has proven useful as a method of psychotherapy, with the Egyptians and Chinese using colors to heal though chromotherapy. Even today, colors affect our mind and body, so we should be aware of what each one means to us.
Red – Passion, energy and excitement
Red has many different associations, but is often seen as the color of danger, passion or excitement. You may have heard that wearing red increases the likelihood of other people perceiving you as attractive, but it also acts as a confidence booster. It is a bold, lively color that can symbolize strength and power.
Green – Nature, vitality and prestige
The two most common associations with the color green are nature and wealth. It’s a color that represents growth, both in the environmental and financial sense. Psychologists have found that green increases creativity and is associated with more complex, high-level thinking. Lighter, brighter greens most often symbolize the natural, while darker greens represent wealth and abundance.
Yellow – Cheerful, playful and optimistic
Yellow has been referred to as “the strongest color” because it is to closely associated with emotions, self-esteem and creativity. Emojis are yellow for a reason – it is the color that best communicates happiness and friendliness. It can also represent mental clarity and intellect.
Blue – Trustworthy, calming and communicative
Politicians and other public figures often wear blue to persuade their audience of their trustworthiness. Blue has been found to lower blood pressure, which explains the color’s calming effects. It is also associated with clear thoughts and communication, making it a universally preferred color for its versatile meanings.
While holiday colors have full histories that build associations, each color has an effect on our daily lives as well. From well-known brand logos to the style of your doctor’s office, color plays a role in shaping how we perceive the world. Spend some time reflecting on what each color means to you, and remember to surround yourself only with people and things beneficial to living a healthy, happy life, like Edye’s Naturals.

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