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Michelle R
I live at the beach and [face] summer sun along with cold windy winters too!

Kathy Freund
I first discovered Edye's products at the Cape May NJ August craft fair a couple of years ago. I would buy a years supply there but this year I did not go to the shore so am purchasing over the online store. My skin really appreciates Edye's products. I know it sounds unbelievable but this one product seems to do everything e.g. moisturize, heal bruises and cuts, get rid of the itchiness of bug bites, gets rid of age spots (not me, but my Mom), cools down a sunburn, you name it and it does it! A little bit goes a long way and does a lot. The lip balm helps in the cold and dreary season and easily fits into a purse. The lemon cleanser is a very Spa like product - the scent is lovely. I also really like the fact that I can pronounce all the ingredients that go into the products. So much good stuff for our skin in these products

Michelle R
I love Edyes deep nourishing serum !!!! I love that all of Edyes products are natural and so great for your skin !!! I live at the beach and summer sun along with cold windy winters too ! Edyes line of skin care keeps my skin always looking and feeling so good! I’m so thankful for all her products . If you haven’t tried them take a chance, you will not be disappointed !!!!!

Lisa Z
Can’t live with out this stuff!! I use everyday as my moisturizer.. been using for a little over a year every day... just love it. 

Veronique Tastenhoye Cardon
I discovered Edye’s line recently. Her face serum is the only one that leaves my skin smooth in the morning. And I have tried everything.

I bought the Deep Nourishing Serum and aside from loving the soft scent of lemon I saw results after only a few days. I used it before applying makeup in the morning and after washing my face before going to bed. Thank you Edye, love this product.

I use it every night as an eye cream. It does a great job hydrating my under eye area.

Colleen Morris
December 14 at 8:48am
I'm impressed with all your products! I'm also impressed that when I order online, within 10 minutes I get notified that my order has shipped! And it arrives the next day! I've been using the serum and body butter every day, fighting off the dry skin that comes with this change to cold weather. My skin feels great all day!

I love the Eczema serum. I woke up this morning and my face still moist and more clarity to the skin tone.   Keep up great work!  This is such a wonderful luxurious serum and I appreciate that it is all organic without any preservatives or chemicals added. 

Stacey Poppel Groder 
I found Edye’s at my local market last year and it's been a godsend. I use it each night around my fingertips to heal that cracked, dry, painful skin I get in winter. My mom complained of the same problem so I bought her a jar this week and she told me it’s a miracle cream because it did the same for her. Going to try it around my eyes next!

I love your product!! I always battle dry skin in the winter and I’ve always used expensive beauty brands that work temporarily but I always experience dry patches especially on my face!! Since using the face and body butter, I haven’t had any! And in the summer, it’s perfect for the sunburns and peeling skin

I have had a dry patch of skin on my elbow for several years. I tried many different creams. I used moisturizers, I cut up lemons and would soak my elbow, I even used an antifungal. It would work but there would ALWAYS be a rough spot. I bought a jar of Edye's face and body butter. I liked it because it had olive oil . and all natural ingredients. I used first on my face and decided to try it on my rough patch. Well my rough patch that was on my elbow for YEARS is completely GONE!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺ Then my husband who has terribly dry skin and hates moisturizers tried it. HE LOVES it. He doesn't like anything that leaves a residue on his hands. He said I guess you will be using this for the rest of your life. I agree and thanks to Edye I will be a customer for life. Its economical and doesn't irritate my skin. As I also have extremely sensitive skin. Buy all of her products the pepp
ermint cream for hands and feet smells great. The scrub is heavenly !!!

JoAnne from NJ
The scrub makes my face feel like butter.  I am happy to use an organic product to heal and moisturize my skin.

I am a 61 year old man. I use Face and body butter daily after showering on most of my body, and still have a good amount left 6 months later. I read all the comments about how amazing the face and body butter is on challenged skin, but I just want to comment on how good it feels going on. I love the aroma (that hint of rosemary is great!) and I can just feel and see the difference immediately on my dry skin. The Himalayan salt works to exfoliate, so it is very refreshing. Love this stuff!

Mary Ann from NJ
“Smooth and Silky!”  That is how my skin feels using Edye’s Face and Body Butter, and it lasts the entire day.

Jody from New Jersey
I can honestly say that my hands look younger from using Edye’s Body Butter!
​My mom actually really liked the product and had a dry spot on her hand that she couldn't get rid of, and 2 days after seeing you, it was gone.  Made a believer out of her so I thought i'd get it as a gift for her?

I've been using the Deep Nourishing Serum for about 2 months now. It is light, deep penetrating and easy to use. I've found that applying it with wet hands works best for me. I'm so pleased with how silky my skin has become in such a short time, and even happier that after a busy summer in the sun, my skin is healthy and glowing.

I’ve just tried your Face and Body Butter… love it!!! I use it twice a day and find it to be totally perfect for my skin. I have struggled in the past with finding the right face cream that will help me during the very dry Fall and Winter months. Other products have either been too oily or didn’t help the dryness. Your product is fabulous.

Your new serum (along with ALL of your products) is so amazing! It already cleared up a dry patch on my chin that otherwise wouldn't go away for weeks. I love how everything you use is all organic. It is rare to find skin and body products as pure as yours....and organic. Your products are staples in our house!

EDYES to the rescue once again. Ventured into hot yoga in this weather my muscles liked it but my sensitive skin did not. Everything went wrong brown spots hives dry patches . The scrub and skin repair cream were like balm for my crying skin. Had run out of the scrub as all my family with different skin types had taken my stock away . I can't think how to thank you for this wonderful product line. Am very grateful thank you.
​This is a testimonial from Amber Spa:

Faith, Massage Therapist (Pennington, NJ)
Edye's Face and Body Butter is my go to moisturizer at home and when I perform body treatments. It's nice texture produces a nice glide when used on my massage clients. It can be used on the face without any worries about breakouts due to the natural ingredients working with your skin rather than against it. Highly recommend for after sun hydration and winter dry skin. Give your skin nothing but the best and you will see the benefits for yourself! 

We use all of your products and love them. The new serum really locks in moisture and leaves my skin feeling dewy all day and night even during the season change.

 It is wonderful to have an all natural product, made locally that works and has my skin feeling fabulous.I began using Edye's Body Butter this winter to combat my dry skin. It is truly amazing! My skin remained soft and supple, no more dry cracked heels or flakey, itchy skin.

Nancy from New Jersey
I usually have dry lips in the winter that can bleed at times.  Our house is very dry, and last week I had lips that were cracking and bleeding a little.  I have been using your body butter twice a day (I keep mine at home, not at work) and my lips are all healed and doing great.  

Janet from South Carolina
Makes my skin feel like I'm 20 again!  I ran out so right now, even using other lotion, my skin feels...dry and older!

Judy from PA
Love your product. I've been looking for a good product to replace the Neutrogena that I have used for many years as my facial moisturizer. A little goes a long way, and it doesn't make my face break out. I use coconut oil for my skin lotion. My husband is using your product for his dry cracked hands. He loves it too. Great ingredients, and LOVE the scent. Kudo's to you. I'm do not want to support companies that try to kill us with toxins so they can get rich.

Carol from Connecticut
I was given a prescription for a lotion for dry skin by my physician. Upon reading the ingredients I thought that I would need a graduate degree in chemistry to understand what I was putting on my body. A friend recommended your Body Butter and I am thrilled with the results. 
Not only am I getting great results but the scent seems to have a calming effect. I also like being able to identify what the butter is made of.

Lauren from Texas
My fiancé used to never wash or moisturize your face because everything irritates his skin. Since he has been using your face and body butter- his skin has never looked better!

​Brian from NJ
Your body butter is without a doubt the highest quality skin product I have ever used. I have seriously used it every day since I got
it! (and still have more than half remaining.) Thankfully I have no skin problems but nonetheless it is absolutely wonderful. I usually put it on my face and neck after shaving. Feels and looks terrific. At first I was concerned that it might cause acne, but experience shows no risk at all. 

I was previously so excited about how amazing plain coconut oil is as a lip balm, but your product is even better.

I am extremely fussy about products that I buy and use. Some people have described me as a "pain in the ass." But your product is the real deal, and you are a VIP as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you for the time and effort you have invested in making an exceptional product. It may be difficult to convince most people that quality is worth it, but I am not one of those people and greatly appreciate your work.

Janet from NJ
I was interested in it as a facial night cream. After using it only two weeks I got several compliments on my from someone that sees me on the run and another that lives with me... Two different types of sources. I really love the product and the fact it goes a long way. 

Eileen from New Jersey
I wanted to tell you how much I love it!! My skin feels amazing and a friend complimented me today bc of my glow.... Will be picking some more up for gifts and for myself! 

Well...believe it or not we have used the products only two days and what a difference already!
My daughter used only the Peppermint Himalayan Salt Scrub, this morning. Her face had such a beautiful, soft glow. So clean! So smooth...and no makeup! Needless to say she is very happy.
Thanks so much. We'll keep you posted.

Love the face & body butter! Just picked it up in Haddonfield & just love it!​

Done! I need to buy some more!!

Karen Elizabeth 
Love face and body butter! And nourishing serum! They are amazing

Love this product!

Absolutely love your products

Use them everyday, love them.