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Edye's Organic Luxury Package - Edye's Naturals

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Edye's Organic Luxury Package

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Let us box up the perfect gift for you. This set includes all of our most-prized botanical  skin products that nature provides.  Enjoy!

1 oz Edye's Deep Nourishing Serum - Collagen Building, Evens skin tone, Improves skin texture and firmness, Concentrated
4 oz Edye's Face and Body Butter - Moisturizer with many uses
4 oz Edye's Peppermint Himalayan Salt Scrub - Detoxify and Exfoliate
2 oz Edye's Lemon Cleansing Oil - cleans face and pores
4 oz Edye's Peppermint Skin repair -  The Perfect Repairing Moisturizer
​.25 oz Lip Balm